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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Our Boarding House ad in the Washington Star

Pete Mullaney has continued looking at the comic strips of the Washington Star, and has a question - " Did the Major do a lot of these?" This is an ad from the October 20, 1940 paper.

Beyond Comics suffered an arson attack yesterday

On Facebook, they reported:

"In case you had not heard, our Frederick Store was the target of an arsen (sic) attack today (1/17/2020). No one was injured and only comic books got burned. As this was done during store hours and while we had customers shopping we are just very glad no one was injured. We want to acknowledge the help our customers Chris, Zack and Heather."

Friday, January 17, 2020

Richmond-born editorial cartoonist Ron Rogers RIP

Longtime political cartoonist Ron Rogers dies at 65



Washington Times (!) reviews Screwball, book about early cartoonists

I had no idea the Times was still publishing.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Screwball!' 

By Michael Taube 

Washington Times January 16, 2020


Library of Congress' Comic Art exhibit reviewed in the Post

At the Library of Congress, 'Comic Art' offers an appealing history of comics [in print as An exhibition that draws you into history].

Anime ‘Weathering With You’ reviewed in the Post

'Weathering With You': Animated love story is set against a backdrop of climate change [in print as Hope breaks through a cloud of melancholy in animated romance].

REGISTRATION OPEN_ The Oscars at the Archives

Registration for the 16th Annual Showcase of Academy Award®-Nominated Documentaries and Short Subjects held from February 5 - 9 at the National Archives is now open! 

Register for all film screenings below. 

* Arrive for screenings via the Special Events Entrance of the National Archives Museum off Constitution Avenue and 7th Street. 
Questions? Email members@archivesfoundation.org or call 202-357-5103. 
The screenings are presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in partnership with the National Archives. This program is made possible in part by the National Archives Foundation. 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "Out! Out, damned spot!"

The latest from DC's Mike Flugennock, anarchist cartoonist.

"Out! Out, damned spot...!"

Man, it sure has been a helluva week for Fauxcohantas, huh? The Politico hit-piece smears on Sanders that blew up in her face, the roasting that she and CNN are getting for the treatment they gave Sanders at the Democratic Debate, the wave of requests for donation refunds so big it choked the servers at ActBlue... Fauxcohantas is going down like the Hindenburg, and I can't pretend I'm not enjoying it.

11x13 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 1mb


"Op-Ed: CNN's Shameful Treatment Of Bernie Sanders", John Kass, Chicago Tribune 01.16.2020

"Warren-Sanders Dispute Jolts Bernie's Base Into Action", Politico 01.15.2020

Latest Liz at Large

Liz At Large: "Point"

Here's a little bit of cartoon wisdom.

Liz Montague
Jan 16, 2020

Robin Ha and Jillian Tamaki in Baltimore

I get the impression that this isn't open to the public, but I'm linking to it anyway to reproduce the info for Robin's book.

WI15: Children's Authors and Illustrators to Meet

Kids' and YA books and authors continue to be key to Winter Institute

Robin Ha

Almost American Girl (HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray, Jan.; $22.99 hardcover, $12.99 trade paper; 65,000-copy paper first printing; ages 13–up)

Why the buzz: "A graphic memoir is the ideal format for this story of immigration, assimilation, and the transformative power of art. Through Robin's eyes, we experience—on a visceral level—her confusion and hurt, but ultimately her triumph, when she is suddenly transplanted from Seoul, South Korea, to Huntsville, Alabama, as a girl."—Alessandra Balzer, v-p, co-publisher, Balzer + Bray

Opening: "I was 14 years old."

Evening author reception

Jillian Tamaki, illustrator

My Best Friend, written by Julie Fogliano (Atheneum, Mar.; $17.99; 100,000-copy first printing; ages 4–8)

Why the buzz: "This pitch-perfect friendship story is stunning in every way. Julie has the brilliant ability to write the way children feel and play and speak, and in this book she captures childhood friendship in all of its quirky, lovely detail. Jillian's lush illustrations are done in a limited palette of soft, warm colors that feel like a hug. My Best Friend has the feel of an instant classic from two incredible talents."—Reka Simonsen, editorial director, Atheneum

Opening: "i have a new friend."

Evening author reception

Feb 8: Oscar Animated Short Film Nominees at NARA


National Archives 16th Annual Showcase of Academy Award®-Nominated Documentaries and Short Subjects
February 5 - February 9, 2020

Washington, DC, January 15, 2020 — The National Archives will host free screenings of the 92nd Academy Award® nominees in four categories — Documentary Feature, Documentary Short Subject, Live Action Short Film, and Animated Short Film — in its William G. McGowan Theater from Wednesday, February 5, 2020 through Sunday, February 9, 2020. A very limited number of seats are available for press, contact: public.affairs@nara.gov

The screenings are presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in partnership with the National Archives Foundation.

Reservations for the screenings will open to the general public at 10 a.m. ET on Friday, January 17, 2020, at www.archivesfoundation.org/events/ or call 202-357-6814.

Theater doors will open 45 minutes prior to start time. Walk-ins without reservations will be admitted 15 minutes prior to start time, depending on available seats. Please note that some films may not be appropriate for general audiences.

The William G. McGowan Theater is located in the National Archives Museum in Washington, DC. Metro accessible on Yellow or Green lines, Archives/Navy Memorial station. The public should use the Special Events entrance on Constitution Avenue and 7th Street, NW. To verify the date and times of the programs, call the National Archives Public Programs Line at: (202) 357-5000, or view the Calendar of Events online.

Screening Schedule (subject to availability)

Animated Short Film Nominees
Saturday, February 8, 3:30 p.m. 

Dcera (Daughter)
Daria Kashcheeva
Hair Love
Matthew A. Cherry and Karen Rupert Toliver
Rosana Sullivan and Kathryn Hendrickson
Bruno Collet and Jean-François Le Corre
Siqi Song 

Total Running Time:  51 minutes

RVA's lastest comics column

RVA Comics X-Change: Issue 35
Ash Griffith | January 14, 2020

Jen Sorenson interviewed by Michael O'Connell

Calling out racists in cartoons makes them angry [Jen Sorensen]

by  Michael O'Connell

It's All Journalism 392, January 16, 2020


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

SPX 2019 - 4 more videos online now

SPX 2019 Panel - Spotlight: Emily Carroll
J.A. Micheline
Small Press Expo
Dec 26, 2019

In less than a decade, Emily Carroll has established herself as one of
the most distinctive, unsettling, and popular horror cartoonists
working today. Her webcomic His Face All Red brought her immediate
popularity, and her short story collection Through The Woods won
multiple awards, including the Ignatz. Her most recent book, When I
Arrived at the Castle (Koyama Press) is a masterful, stylish, and
disturbing take on vampires and fairy tales. Critic J.A. Micheline
joins Emily for a wide-ranging discussion of her career.

SPX 2019 Panel - Pigheaded Screening [Skip Williamson].
Lance Ward
Small Press Expo
Dec 26, 2019

Filmmaker John Kinhart screens his documentary on the life of
legendary underground cartoonist Skip Williamson. Kinhart says his
film "faithfully portrays Williamson's life as rebellious artist,
irreverent pighead and loving family man. Told through candid
interviews, animation, and archival photographs, "Pigheaded" takes you
back in time to see the behind the scenes of one of America's most
curious art movement." Cartoonist Lance Ward (Blood And Drugs) will
lead a Q&A session with Kinhart and Williamson's ex-wife Harriett
Hiland after the film. Note: The actual movie is omitted from this

SPX 2019 Panel - Round 3...Fight! Tournaments A Narrative Structure
J.A. Micheline
Small Press Expo
Dec 26, 2019

J.A. Micheline moderates a discussion on the varied use of tournaments
as part of narrative structure in comics. From reimagining the shape
and structure of narratives, to representations of violence and
reimagining history and historical texts, to the way tournaments
appear in children's comics, there's a rich variety of material to
explore with Ronald Wimberley (Prince Of Cats), Richie Pope (That Box
We Sit On), and Shannon Wright (Twins).

Keith Knight.
Small Press Expo
Dec 26, 2019

Hosted by Keith Knight. The Ignatz Award, named for the character in
the classic comic strip Krazy Kat by George Herriman, is the festival
prize of the Small Press Expo, that since 1997 has recognized
outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning. The Ignatz
recognizes exceptional work that challenges popular notions of what
comics can achieve, both as an art form and as a means of personal

New local items in Michigan State University Libraries' comic collection

I'm probably the only person in the world who reads (i.e. skims) the "New Cataloging and Indexing Daily Log" that Randy Scott compiles for his Reading Room Index to the Comic Art Collection. The Index is useful, because it's caught by search engines, unlike anything in the main library catalog.

When I skim it, I see plenty of material that I didn't know existed, and sometimes that's by a local creator. This  magazine catalogued in December was new to me. Beyond Comics stores still exists in the area, but in Maryland, not in Burke anymore.

The Writer's Block, the Magazine of Comics Writing. -- Burke,
   Virginia : Beyond Comics, 2001. -- ill. ; 26 cm. --
   Published #1 only, per Grand Comics Database. -- Comic book
   stories with writer interviews. -- Alternative genre. --
   LIBRARY HAS: no. 1. -- Call no.: PN6728.7.B46W7

In January, Randy catalogued two books by Bethesda's African-American creator Roye Okupe:

Malika : Fallen Queen. Part one / creator, writer & art
   director, Roye Okupe ; pencils, inks, cover art, Sunkanmi
   Akinboye ; colorist, Etubi Onucheyo. -- Bethesda, MD :
   Youneek Studios, 2017. -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 27 cm. --
   Summary (from OCLC): Malika, warrior queen and military
   commander of the 15th-century Azzazian Empire, has been
   flung into the year 2025, a dangerous future she's
   struggling to understand. After years of moving in the
   shadows, she's forced out of hiding by a sinister plot that
   spans the centuries! -- Fantasy genre, begins in West
   Africa. -- Call no.: PN6790.N53 A37M3 2017

Windmaker : the History of Atala : the Art of the Book Series
   / written & created by Roye Okupe ; illustrated by Godwin
   Akpan. -- North Bethesda, MD : Youneek Studios, Inc., 2017.
   -- 53 p. : col. ill. ; 29 cm. -- "Inspired by African
   mythology, Windmaker: The History of Atala is one part art
   book, one part prequel story to both the Malika: Warrior
   Queen & WindMaker: Return of a King graphic Novels. Pulling
   from the amazing depths of African history, Roye Okupe,
   writer of the hit graphic novel series E.X.O., creates a
   breathtaking kingdom called Atala. With this art book, he
   sets the foundations for what is definitely a deep and
   meaningful universe (The YouNeek YouNiverse) of heroes.
   Illustrator Godwin Akpan's painting breathes life into the
   story in an amazing way. From dragons, to mythical relics,
   a feuding royal family and magical swords, this book turns
   the fantasy genre on its head by placing familiar concepts
   in an awe inspiring African setting." -- Fantasy prose and
   art. -- Call no.: PN6790.N53 A53W5 2017

And one piece by northern VA's Arsia Rozegar:

Shahnameh for Kids : the Story of Zal & Simorgh / by Arsia
   Rozegar ; illustrated by Mike Amante. -- United States? :
   ShahnamehForKids.com, 2015. -- 1 v. : chiefly ill. ; 26 cm.
   -- "Inspired by Ferdowsi's Shahnameh." -- An Iranian legend
   in children's book format, mostly pictures with a boxed
   caption at each opening. -- Call no.: PN6790.P473 A45S47
Firdawsî, ca. 940-1020.

It's amazing to me that I can sit hundreds of miles away and see information about comics produced less than 10 miles away that I didn't even know existed.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Conrad's last Nixon cartoon: "I forgot the line!"

 by Mike Rhode

I was in a bookstore on Capitol Hill (Capitol Hill Books in fact) this weekend, glancing through the comics and graphic novels section, and spotted this copy of The King and Us: Editorial Cartoons by Paul Conrad (Los Angeles: Clymer Publications, 1974; 3rd printing 1975) collecting his cartoons about the disgraced President Nixon. Conrad's one of the great editorial cartoonists of the 20th century, and had been on Nixon's enemies list so I picked it up to look at...
...$10 and it was a third edition, signed in August 1994 twenty years after it was published, and twenty-five years later, the Sharpie ink is already blurring and fading.... 

...but there were two photocopies laid in, one of Conrad's last cartoon about Nixon from April 25, 1994, showing Nixon's tombstone with a double entendre engraving, 
"Here Lies Richard M. Nixon, 1913-1994"

...on the back side of that first photocopy was a sketch of the idea of that cartoon, inscribed, 
"For Frank and Estelle, Lisa, David -- All the Best - Paul Conrad"...

...but it also had something the final cartoon was missing. 
A caption with a second double entendre - 

"The Final Coverup" 

- which made the cartoon just a bit more brutal, 
as befitting a man who was was audited  by the IRS as a result of the enemies list

Estelle apparently kept the sketch until Nixon died 
and sent a photocopy to Conrad to remind him of it. 
He wrote back, "Estelle! I forgot the line! 
Why didn't you call and remind me. Love Paul C."

Admittedly, there are some deductions here, and it's a very minor bit of comics history, 
but one never knows what one will stumble across in the pages of a book. 

I wonder where the original sketch is now...

Former local cartoonist Pat Oliphant featured on Australian tv

A look back at the career of cartoonist Pat Oliphant

Tracy Bowden (filmed by David Brill)

ABC's 7.30 Report 14 Jan 2020


More on Steve Stiles passing