Friday, October 25, 2013

Artley's Aphelion Arc's Exiles of Nod story is expanded version

Steve Artley previously published this story in Magic Bullet, but he tells me that his new webcomic, The Aphelion Arc has an extended version:

"The Exiles of Nod story can be viewed in its entirety, laid out in slide format for online viewing. Some new panels were added and the story has been enhanced from its original condensed version. Other stories are currently in production. I'm anticipating at least one full story per month to be completed, with previews appearing on the website. The print version will be a compilation of three stories, plus the "nerds' appendix." This special section provides a bit of insight and back story on the stories in each issue. Currently, I'm investigating funding options for printing and distributing the magazine. Michael Auger was the webmaster who brought vast plethora of my web artwork to life. "

Halloween ComicFest comes to Game On!

Halloween ComicFest comes to Game On! 

Saturday, October 26 will be a great day at GAME ON! Comics as we celebrate Halloween Comic Fest 2013!  From the time our doors open until supplies run out, GAME ON! will have available FREE Halloween-themed comic books for our customers to check out.  In addition to the free comics and other fun activities, from Noon until at least 4pm, we will have not one, not two, but THREE great artists hanging out, signing their comics, and drawing some GREAT art for their fans!  They are:
  • Mark Roberts, artist and colorist, most recently on Dynamite Entertainment's PATHFINDER GOBLINS
  • Pop Mhan, artist and cover artist on the current HE MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE comic from DC
  • Drew Moss, GAME ON! favorite and artist on the recent IDW mini-series THE COLONIZED
Find out more about these wonderful folks at the following sites, and come pick up one of their books (we have extras for you to buy), get a signature or a drawing, and talk about comics (and Tacos)!
Mark Roberts
Pathfinder Goblins

  • Mark's DeviantArt Site:

  • Mark's Twitter Feed:

    Pop Mhan
    Masters of the Universe 

  • Pop's DeviantArt Site:

  • Pop's Twitter Feed:

    Drew Moss

  • Drew's DeviantArt Site:

  • Drew's Twitter Feed:

  • Drew's Tumblr Blog:

  • See you next Saturday!

     JR,  Michael, Giahn, Louis
    Game On! Comics

    Fwd: Tomorrow is Halloween ComicFest at Third Eye!


    This Saturday is Halloween ComicFest 11AM-8PM

    FREE Trick-R-Treat Bags Loaded with Goodies to the first 50 In Line!


    EARLY BIRD PASSES for our BLACK FRIDAY SALE NEXT MONTH to the first 100 in line!

    Click here for the event info on FACEBOOK.

    It's here, Third Eye Faithful!


    We know you guys have been as pumped as we have about the big annual HALLOWEEN COMICFEST event that we're hosting at both Third Eye locations this weekend!


    We've really pulled out all the stops to give you guys one heck of an awesome event, and we hope to see all of you guys there rocking some awesome costumes and having fun!


    We normally only try to stick to one message about an event, but we're so darn excited that we just had to send a quick reminder giving you the scoop on what we've got planned!


    Click here for the event info on FACEBOOK.




    We've got two HUGE creator signings planned for Saturday, and we're super excited to be making these two events part of our special Halloween ComicFest festivities.




    Featuring the special THIRD EYE COMICS X HALLOWEEN COMICFEST variant of FIVE GHOSTS #6!




    Featuring the special THIRD EYE COMICS X HALLOWEEN COMICFEST variant of PRETTY DEADLY #1


    We're super stoked about both of these signings, and really encourage you guys to line up early so you can get your favorite items signed by these comic superstars!



    You guys loved our crazy tent sale so much this past Summer that we decided we'd bring it one last time before 2013 came to an end! 


    We've restocked the inventory, and loaded it up with some crazy awesome deals. 



    Inside the Third Eye tent, there's only one law: if it's in the tent -- it's on sale! :)


    You can expect the following:


    • $1.00 Back Issues or fill a short box for $50.00
    • Third Eye Lucky Bags -- Get 20 Comics for $5.00! Bags will be randomly packed with variants, gift cards, and other sweet surprises! Limit of 5 Bags Per Person!
    • Hundreds of Graphic Novels ranging from 20% to 50% to 75% Off
    • Tons of toys, t-shirts, and other items at 50% OFF!


    FREE Halloween ComicFest Comics!



    And of course, the whole point of Halloween ComicFest: FREE awesome comics to fill your TRICK-R-TREAT bags with!


    We've got a TON of awesome FREE comics that've been made by the publishers specifically for HALLOWEEN COMICFEST -- and they're YOUR'S totally free, while supplies last this Saturday!


    So, make sure you get here early, so that you can get dibs and snag your favorite!


    Want to see a full list of the comics? Click here and check it out!

    Get Your Picture Taken with the DOCTOR & THE TARDIS!

    We figured what better way to encourage you guys to break out some awesome Halloween costumes than to bring out our pals at THE TARDIS PHOTOBOOTH!


    They'll be offering printed photos inside the booth for a small fee of $5 on Saturday from 11AM-2PM.


    They will also have their life-size DALEK rolling around, along with K9, and of course, some awesome DOCTOR WHO Cosplayers.

    Camping Out? Lining Up Early? Get FREE Stuff!

    As many of you know, Third Eye has a reputation for really making these events a blast, and I will tell you: half of the fun is the lining up! We really enjoy the community experience that this brings, and you guys know it makes Team Third Eye feel all warm and fuzzy inside when we pull up early in the morning to see you guys lined up and waiting!


    In return for braving the elements, and taking part in the fun, we've put together 50 TRICK-R-TREAT Bags LOADED with cool goodies for you guys!


    If you're one of the first 50 in line, you'll get a Third Eye trick-r-treat bag loaded with toys, candy, comics, and other fun stuff!


    We're also going to be giving out THIRD EYE T-Shirts to the first 25 of you in line!


    And, don't forget, if you're one of the first 100 in line, you can get this:



    Get ALL 3 of the THIRD EYE X HALLOWEEN COMIC FEST Exclusive Variants this Saturday



    We've worked with our publishing partners to deliver you THREE exclusive THIRD EYE variants for HALLOWEEN COMIC-FEST, all available at their cover prices!


    First off, we've got the PRETTY DEADLY #1 Variant, which we'll have the creative team here signing for!


    Secondly, we've got the FIVE GHOSTS #6 variant, which we'll have the creators in store for to sign as well!


    And, then finally, we worked with one of our favorite artists, AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE & BATMAN THE BLACK MIRROR'S Francesco Francavilla to deliver this incredible variant of WITCHBLADE #170, which marks the new direction and jumping on point for the series!


    2027A WEST ST ANNAPOLIS, MD 21401


    DCist on new Captain America film

    Thursday, October 24, 2013

    Comic Riffs on new Jaime Hernandez book

    Best Books of 2013: Junot Diaz & Jaime Hernandez team up deftly on deluxe illustrated 'This Is How You Lose Her'

    Steve Artley's Aphelion Arc webcomic is live

    Editorial cartoonist Steve Artley is branching into science fiction comics and his Aphelion Arc webcomic is live now.

    Brad Meltzer's book talk - guest blog post by Bruce Guthrie

    I went to Brad Meltzer's talk at the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Library last night.  He's definitely a crowd pleaser!  He was promoting his new book "History Decoded" based on the History Channel show.  Wonderful speaker who even brought junk food for the signing line.  Scott Rolle from the show was also there.

    Q&A focused mostly on Kennedy's assassination and I was relieved to hear him dismissing the conspiracy theorists so quickly.  He said we don't want to accept that a lone crazy could have killed a popular US president.  Makes you wonder about why we don't have that problem with John Hinkley.  Is it just because both Reagan and Hinkley survived?  When the story's cut short, I guess there's more room to make up conspiracy stuff to fill in gaps.

    Several questions dealt with his comic book work.  He said he was very excited to be working on the Batman 75th anniversary retelling of the Batman origin story due out in January.  As says,

    The Bob Kane and Bill Finger-created character's origin will get a "modern-day retelling" in the 104-page issue by Brad Meltzer and Bryan Hitch, along with new stories and art from Snyder, Frank Miller, Sean Murphy, Peter J. Tomasi and Guillem March, Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen, Gregg Hurwitz and Neal Adams.

    The issue, out Jan. 8, will also lay the framework for new creative team Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, who take over the book in the spring.

    "We want to bring him closer to his roots and be more of a street-level type of hero," Manapul said about their plans. "His super heroics will still be present, but the investigative part of Batman will be at the forefront."

    He also showed some pages from his upcoming "I Am Amelia Earheart" kids graphic book and he showed covers for "I Am Abraham Lincoln" and "I Am Rosa Parks".  Apparently there will be at least six book in the "I Am..." treatment.

    The signing event was fun as he appeared to recognize a bunch of his fans.  He's great at establishing personal connections with his fans through social media and in person.  He's got a lot of fan loyalty.  I talked with three people about many times they had seen him before and two of them said five or more times.

    There were about 250 people in the audience.  The signing lasted over 90 minutes.  Pictures are up on

    Bruce Guthrie
    Photo obsessive

    Seth Goldman and Talkin' About Toons photos

    101_6565 Seth Goldman on Mission in a BottleSeth Goldman on his graphic biography of Honest Tea, "Mission in a Bottle" at One More Page Bookstore in Arlington. More photographs are here.

    And two pictures of the Talkin' About Toons panel:

    101_6568 Talkin Bout Toons Wuerker Rechin Conley Baumann

    Talkin' Bout Toons panel with Matt Wuerker, Kevin Rechin, Steve Conley and Marty Baumann. NOVA Community College.

    101_6569 Talkin Bout Toons Wuerker Rechin Conley Baumann

    Oct. 26: Loya workshop at Winchester bookstore

    Cartoonist/artist Steve Loya will be hosting his wonderful “Splotch Monster”-making workshop Oct. 26 from 12:30-2:30 p.m. at the Winchester Book Gallery in Winchester, Va. He’ll show you how to turn a random watercolor painting into a unique monster, then you make your own for Halloween!

    Art courtesy of Steve Loya

    Wednesday, October 23, 2013

    Nov. 2: Cartoonists Draw Blood

    Donate blood on Nov. 2 at CARTOONISTS DRAW BLOOD with the American Red Cross in D.C. and get a complementary sketch by a D.C. cartoonist, including Steve Artley, Carolyn Belefski, Bill Brown, Michael Cavna, Eric Gordon, Art Hondros, Mal Jones, Teresa Roberts Logan, Steve Loya, Jay Payne, Michael Ricigliano, Joe Sutliff, Jake Warrenfeltz and JTW. To participate, email:

    Oct. 24, 26: Warrenfeltz at Artisphere

    Cartoonist Jacob Warrenfeltz is this week's resident artist at the D.C. Conspiracy's Comics Making Workshop at the Artisphere in Rosslyn, Va. He will be at the Works In Progress Gallery Oct. 24 from about 6:30-9:30 p.m. and on Oct. 26 from 1-4 p.m. Jake is a regular contributor to the Magic Bullet comics newspaper and is currently working on his self-published comic Villains Galore.