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Big Planet Comics Free Comic Book Day!

Howdy, Planeteers! It's newsletter time!
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Big Planet Comics
3 May 2013

Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow!

The best comic book day of the year is here again! Saturday, May 4 (tomorrow!) is the annual Free Comic Book Day, and boy, do we have a lot of comics to give away this year. The publishers have sent us around 50 titles to hand out this year, and we ordered THOUSANDS of comics, but we ran out of some of them pretty quick last year, so don't delay too long this year. Free Comic Book Day has really been getting bigger every year, so I hope you can make it!

We are also proud to present EIGHT local comics creators as our guests this year!

Vienna store - 
S. G. Artley (Exiles of Nod)
Michael Cowgill (Lil' P.I.)
Matt Dembicki (XOC)

U Street store - 
Andrew Cohen (A Mutual Feeling)
Evan Keeling (Codename: Fifinella)

Bethesda store -
Art Hondros (Notes from the Cave Walls)
John Gallagher (Buzzboy)

College Park store -
John Staton (Empowered)

You can go to to see all of the comics that we'll be giving out (plus we might have some extra surprises).

We had a great time at AwesomeCon and will definitely be back next year (when they said the floor space will be as big as Baltimore Comicon!). It was great to see so many Big Planet regulars there (and some of you in some amazing costumes!)

Feel free to forward on our newsletter, and please send us any comments or mailing list requests to

- the Big Planet Comics kids


UPCOMING - June 5 & 8 - John Staton signing

TERRORPIN! POWERPACHYDERM! BRASS MONKEY! CYBERIAN TIGER! SUPERCOBRA! MAUL BUNNY! Can struggling superheroine Empowered foil a mass carjacking by these animal-armored criminal mecha at the 21st annual Alternate Timeline Superhero Auto Show? Can one exceedingly flimsy "supersuit" overcome 14 hostile tons of heavy metal? This action-packed new Empowered one-shot says: "MAYBE!"

Our very own John Staton will be appearing to sign copies of the new issue of Empowered that he did the main story for, Empowered: Animal Style!

"I should further note that Guest Artist John Staton went way, way above and beyond the call of duty in his design work for the story, which I wrote specifically for his tech-savvy skill set. He cranked out a quite frankly insane total of 40-odd pages of designs for the one-shot's mecha and superhero vehicles" – Adam Warren, Empowered creator

Check out more of John's work at


noon-6pm June 5

noon-3pm June 8

Big Planet Comics of College Park
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740


UPCOMING - June 29 - Nathan Edmondson signing

Nathan Edmondson will be appearing to sign copies of his new series, The Dream Merchant, as well as his comics The Activity, Who is Jake Ellis?, Ultimate Iron Man, Grifter, The Light, Olympus and more!

The Dream Merchant: Haunted by recurring dreams, a boy named Winslow is hunted by mysterious beings and protected by an old traveler. Soon Winslow will realize that what is in his dreams is what the rest of the world has been made to forget–and what strange entities will stop at nothing to erase from his mind.

Nathan's website:

Big Planet Comics of Washington, DC

1520 U St NW
Washington, DC 20009



Jupiter's Legacy #1

by Mark Millar, Frank Quitely

A team of visionaries in 1932 discover a source to make them superheroes. But in 2013, their kids are decadent popstar "heroes" without much direction. A new superhero epic that contrasts these two worlds, even as the first generation begins to split along the lines of what their mission should be! Amazing Quitely art, and surprisingly toned down Millar.
Reviewed on our podcast 79!

The Adventures of Jodelle

by Pierre Bartier, Guy Peellaert

A true pop art masterpiece from the heyday of the '60s! Jodelle investigates a conspiracy to overthrow the Emperor of a strangely modern ancient Rome, all tinged with an Italian sexuality and bizarre plot directions. Plus the book also has an overview of Peellaert's work outside of comics. Amazing!

Reviewed on our podcast 77!


by Osamu Tezuka

A magical unicorn is cursed by a goddess to travel through time without his memory, yet in each adventure he attempts to help the new friends he makes as his powers return. Another amazing masterpiece from Tezuka, and this time it is in full color! Get one before it goes out of print!

Reviewed on our podcast 77!

Suicide Risk #1

by Mike Carey, Elena Casagrande

For a family man who happens to be a cop in a world where there are more supervillains than heroes, and the cops are horribly outgunned, how far will he go to stop them? Especially if all the new superpowers seem to be coming from one source. A dark new take!

Reviewed on our podcast 79!

Big Planet Comics Podcast #79
This week, Kevin, Nick, and Jared interview Joe Harris, writer of Great Pacific and the upcoming X-Files, and review a bunch of new comics! Download now or subscribe on iTunes!

Rogues #1 – El Torres, Juan Jose Ryp, Ruben Rojas
Ten Grand #1 – J. Michael Straczynski, Ben Templesmith
The Movement #1 – Gail Simone, Freddie Williams II
Mini Kus! #6: Killman/Killmens – Box Brown
Suicide Risk #1 – Mike Carey, Elena Casagrande
By This Shall You Know Him – Jesse Jacobs
Jupiter's Legacy #1 – Mark Millar, Frank Quitely

Send us questions to or leave a voicemail at 1-703-539-CAST! (1-703-539-2278)

5/4 - Free Comic Book Day
All our stores! All day!

6/5 - John Staton
Signing Empowered
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740

6/8 - John Staton
Signing Empowered
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740

6/29 - Nathan Edmondson
Signing The Dream Merchant

1520 U St NW
Washington, DC 20009

7/4 - Fourth of July Sale
20% off everything!
All our stores! All day!

New Next Week 5/8

New comics listed on our website every Monday
(Let us know if you want any of these!)

12 Reasons To Die #1
Alpha Big Time #4 (OF 5)
Archer & Armstrong #0
Astonishing X-Men #62
Avengers #11
Avengers Arena #9
Avengers Arena Vol 1 Kill Or Die SC
Avengers Assemble #15AU
Avengers Heart Of Stone SC
Avenging Spider-Man #20
Avenging Spider-Man Threats And Menaces SC
Batman #20
Batman And Red Hood #20
Batman Arkham Unhinged #14
Batman Death By Design SC
Batman Incorporated Vol 1 Demon Star (N52) HC
Benny Breakiron Vol 1 Red Taxis HC
Bomb Queen Deluxe Edition Vol 2 HC
Bravest Warriors #8
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Freefall #21
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Vol 3 Guarded SC
Castle A Calm Before Storm #5 (OF 5)
Chin Music #1
Chronicles Of King Conan Vol 5 Black Dragons SC
Comeback SC
Constantine #3
Creepy Comics #12
Criminal Macabre No Peace Dead Men SC
Damsels Mermaids #1
Dark Shadows #16
Deadpool #9
Deathstroke #20
Demon Knights #20
Don Quixote Comp GN
Jim Butchers Dresden Files Ghoul Goblin #4
Essential Defenders Vol 7 SC
Fanboys Vs Zombies Vol 2 SC
Fearless Defenders #4
Ferals #14
Fever Ridge Macarthur Jungle War #3
Freaks Amour GN
Garth Ennis Battlefields #6 (OF 6) Fall & Rise Pt 3
Good Riddance Graphic Memoir Of Divorce GN
Green Lantern Corps #20
Harbinger #0 2nd Ptg
Harbinger #12
Hatter M Looking Glass Wars Vol 4 Zen SC
Hellblazer Vol 5 Dangerous Habits New Ed SC
Hellraiser The Road Below Vol 1 SC
I Love Trouble #5
Injustice Gods Among Us #1 3rd Ptg
Iron Man #258.2
Jugheads Double Digest #192
Justice League Of America #3
Katana #4
Knights Of The Dinner Table #197
Legends Of The Blues HC
Legion Of Super Heroes Vol 2 Dominators (N52) SC
Life With Archie #29
Marvel Universe Avengers Earths Heroes #14
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Digest Vol 3 SC
Mega Man #25
Memorial Imaginary Fiends #3 (OF 3)
Mumbai Confidential Book 1 Good Cop Bad Cop HC
Mylo Xyloto #4
Naruto Vol 61 SC
Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong GN
Path Of The Assassin Vol 1 Serving Dark SC
Paying For It SC
Planet Of The Apes Cataclysm Vol 1 SC
The Playboy SC (New Ed)
Plume #4 (of 5)
Drew Hayes Poison Elves #1 2nd Ptg
Pokemon Adventures Vol 16 SC
Prophet #35
Ravagers #12
Ravagers Vol 1 The Kids From Nowhere (N52) SC
Raven Girl GN
Red Handed Fine Art Strange Crimes HC
Red Sonja Annual #4
Rocketeer Adventures Treasury Edition
Rocketeer Hollywood Horror #4
Sandcastle HC
Secret Avengers #4
Showcase Presents Superman Family Vol 4 SC
Smallville Season 11 #13
Smurfs Vol 15 Smurflings SC
Snake Pit Gets Old GN
Spider-Men SC
Spongebob Comics #20
Stand Vol 6 Night Has Come SC
Star Trek #20
Star Wars #5
Steed & Mrs Peel Vol 1 Very Civil Armageddon SC
Storm Dogs #5 (OF 6)
Suicide Squad #20
Superboy #20
Supurbia #7
Team 7 #8
Thief Of Thieves Vol 2 SC
Thor God Of Thunder #8
Threshold #5
Thunderbolts Vol 1 No Quarter Now SC
Two Guns Second Shot Deluxe Edition SC
Uber #0 Enhanced Edition
Uber #1
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man By Bendis Vol 3 SC
Ultimate Comics Ultimates #24
Uncanny Avengers #8
Uncanny X-Force #4
Vampirella #29
Walking Dead #110
Walt Disney Donald Duck Vol 3 Castle's Secret HC
Warlord Of Mars #24
Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #25
We Can Fix It GN
Will And Whit GN
Wolverine #3
X #1 (OF 4)
You're All Just Jealous Of My Jetpack HC
Zeros Familiar Omnibus Vol 1 SC

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Beyond Comics: Free Comic Book Day! Saturday, May 4th 2013

Beyond Comics


Saturday, May 4th

Open: 10am to 9pm



11am to 3pm 

FUBAR Vol. 3 Release Party

Featuring John Shine, Mike Imboden, Rafer Roberts & John Watkins-Chow



11am to 4pm 

Award Winning Comic Artist

Gene Ha, and featuring Danielle Corsetto, Chris Williams, Terry Flippo & Rian Miller
Also Meet:
Iron Man, Mandarin, Nick Fury and Spider-man

Meet Star Wars Rebel Legion members and members of the 501st.



Obi-Wan, Anakin Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Zam Wessel, Jango Fett,

a Sandperson, R2-D2 and Members of the 501st Star Wars.




Rebel Fighter & Members of the 501st Star Wars  

  Check Out the Live Video Feed! 


From the Frederick Location!

11:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sales & Speicals

Here are some of the Free Comics we will have available.











We will not hold any copies of comics. Quantities may be limited.

Frederick Only

Saturday, May 4th to Sunday, May 5th

(Hours: Sat. 11-5, Sun: 1-4)


  Blow-Out Side-Kick Store!
50% to 75% OFF!



Apparel, Displays, and more!

5630 Buckeystown Pike


Meet Comic Artists

11am to 3pm

John Shine
Rafer Roberts
John Watkins-Chow
Mike Imboden

Contact Us
18749 B North Frederick Rd

Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879
Visit Our Website



 New Comics*

 50% OFF   


Trade Paperbacks**

25% OFF


Action Figures

Mattel, Hasbro, Diamond Select and DC Direct

25%-50% OFF


Back Issues (Bin)

40% OFF



50% OFF


Games, Posters, Select Statues,
DVDs, Books, and more


10% to 50% OFF

See individual stores for selection and discounts. 


Excludes new arrivals, held items, special orders and subscriptions.

* New Comics dated 2012 or Earlier!

** Excludes new arrivals .   

Customers not in good standing may be exempt from sale prices.


Meet Comic Artists

11am to 4pm

Gene Ha
Danielle Corsetto
Chris Williams

Terry Flippo

Rian Miller


Contact Us
5632 Buckeystown Pike

Frederick, MD 21774
Join Our Mailing List!

Beyond Comics | Gaithersburg Square | 536 North Frederick Avenue | Gaithersburg | MD | 20878

Fantom Comics: Free Comic Book Day

Come visit us at Fantom Comics on Saturday... May the 4th be with you.
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Fantom Comics

Costume Contests

Featuring cosplay chameleon
Pastel Moon
as a guest judge!

DC Conspiracy Creators

Troy-Jeffrey Allen & Matt Rawson:
Members of local comics collective DC Conspiracy will talk with fans and hand out free copies of Magic Bullet #6.

Glen Weldon

Author of Superman The Unathorized Biography will be on hand to celebrate Free Comic Book Day with Fantom

What? Did you say "Free Comics"????

That's right. Check out the schedule of events throughout the day to celebrate the greatest comic book holiday ever invented. Come visit Fantom Comics, walk away with a bunch of free comics, and take advantage of our fantastic sale!!!

Save 10% on all Graphic Novels!
(except Volume 1's of GN series - on those you save 20%!!!)

Copyright © 2013 Fantom Comics, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you have supported Fantom Comics in the past by purchasing digital comics through our website.
Our mailing address is:
Fantom Comics
50 Massachusetts Ave NE
Union Station - Mezzanine Level
Washington, DC 20002

1976 Dental Health campaign

In 1976, the American Dental Association sponsored a National Children's Dental Health Week. This advertisement shows a cartoon done by animation shop Rick Reinert Productions and is from U.S. Navy Medicine (February 1976).

Maryland's Gazette newspapers on Free Comic Book Day

Fans, novices brace for free comics

Area shops to buzz with excitement for Free Comic Book Day

by Will C. Franklin

April 30, 2013


Artists, creators throw support behind comic event

Free Comic Book Day important for indie artists

by Will C. Franklin

April 30 2013

Is The Winter Soldier closing a bridge on Sunday?

Is The Winter Soldier closing the Roosevelt bridge on Sunday? This might be the next Captain America movie.

Bob Staake was in town...

and I missed him.  Hopefully Politics & Prose will post the audio. BTW, I bought the last signed copy of his new children's book from them yesterday. Sorry, everyone.

Glen Weldon is writing a Batman book

He talks about it here.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Post on Iron Man 3

'IRON MAN 3': One Fanboy's Six Quick Questions & Answers (*Mostly Spoiler-Free)
By David Betancourt
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog May 2 2013

An Avenger coasts out West
By Ann Hornaday
Washington Post May 3, 2013,1175591/critic-review.html

Free Comic Book Day and more this weekend

After the success of Awesome Con, we've still got a lot of comic-related events going on this weekend too. Iron Man 3 opens on Friday, and it's already been bigger than The Avengers in Europe.
Free Comic Book Day is on Saturday, and local comic book stores will have a selection of the 52 comics that were published this year. Big Planet Comics, our largest local chain, will have eight cartoonists spread between its four locations including Steve Artley, Michael Cowgill, Matt Dembicki, Andrew Cohen, Evan Keeling, Art Hondros, John Gallagher, and John Staton. Most of the cartoonists are in the DC Conspiracy co-op or have work in the book District Comics and the new free comics newspaper, Magic Bullet #6. Other cartoonists from the two publications include Troy-Jeffery Allen and Matt Rawson (along with Superman historian Glen Weldon) at Fantom Comics in Union Station and Rafer Roberts and John Shine at Beyond Comics in Gaithersburg. According to editor Carolyn Belefski, the issue is almost 'sold-out' so pick one up this weekend and get it signed as well.  Carolyn and her co-author Joe Carabeo will be at Laughing Ogre comics in Fairfax. Local comic critic Glen Weldon has suggestions about the comics for you on NPR.

Ranging a bit further afield Jacob Warrenfeltz will be at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis. Jacob had planned to have a special new publication, but now tells us "'Bella & Bunny Man Bridge' is a short 8-page mini comic that Zarmina Sulaiman and I  came up with.  It's a cute, kid friendly story about a fluffy white dog and her cool cat sidekick as they brave the adventure of investigating Clifton VA's "Bunny Man Bridge".  Our plan was to have this ready for Free Comic Book Day.  Unfortunately we aren't going to have the book back from the printer in time, so the next opportunity to get your hands on this new mini comic will be the DC Zine Fest, which is happening on July 20." Rounding out our list of local cartoonists, Steve Conley and Frank Cho will be appearing at Cards, Comics & Collectibles in Riestertown, Md along with Adam Kubert.

On Sunday, you can attend the world premiere of the musical Big Nate at Adventure Theater in Glen Echo, MD. Lincoln Peirce, the comic strip creator (and a close personal friend of Wimpy Kid's Jeff Kinney) will be at the play and signing books.

Also on Sunday, Marc Tyler Nobleman will be speaking about Batman co-creator Bill Finger at the Washington Hebrew Congregation (3935 Macomb St, NW) from 10:30-12:00 and signing copies of his book Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman.

Again, further afield, Kevin 'Kal' Kallaugher will be speaking at the Walters Museum in Baltimore at 2 pm to launch his new book, Daggers Drawn. The Express has an interview.

And I've interviewed most of the cartoonists mentioned here (and many others) if you want to study up before meeting them.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Comic Riffs talks to Nick Anderson on Jack Ohman

RICK PERRY CONTROVERSY: Houston cartoonist Nick Anderson responds to dust-up over fertilizer-plant cartoon
By Michael Cavna
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog May 1 2013

Weldon on Free Comic Book Day

Which Comics Should I Get? Your Free Comic Book Day Cheat Sheet
by Glen Weldon
May 1, 2013

"Magic Bullet month" comes to a close on the MOKA radio show

From Troy-Jeffrey Allen:
This past month on the Menagerie of Kick-Assery radio show was "Magic Bullet month." Over the last four weeks, We've been inviting several DC area Magic Bullet creators to discuss various geek culture topics.

This week, RM Rhodes ("Codename: Fifinella") and Matt Rawson ("Old MacDonald") joined District of Geek's Esther Kim and I. We had a lively discussion about sex and sexuality in comics (among other things).

You can listen for free at the following link:

Awesome Con story in Wash Times

Keeping alive the joys of 'nerd-dom' at comics convention: Blast of color in black-and-white world comes to D.C.
By Meredith Somers
Washington Times, April 21, 2013
another link thanks to Comicsgirl.

Christopher Huh's Holocaust graphic novel

Following up on Comicsgirl's link to two stories about middle-schooler Christopher Huh and his Holocaust comic book:
Keeping My Hope is the Amazon order page.
For the record (ie search engines), the two articles are:

Local student publishes graphic novel set during the Holocaust

by Eric Hal Schwartz

Staff Writer

Washington Jewish Week April 3 2013


Korean-American Christian teen teaches the Shoah

Eighth-grader Christopher Huh creates a Polish-born Jewish grandfather for his graphic novel for kids, 'Keeping My Hope'

By Debra Rubin

Times of Israel April 5, 2013

Comicsgirl covers P&P's Graphic Novel panel

Comicsgirl covered the Politics and Prose panel "Growing Up with Graphics," and again, I'm sorry I can't be in two place at one time. However, Tom Tomorrow / Dan Perkin's speech while accepting the Herblock award was hilarious and I'll link to it when it goes on the web.
She also caught 2 stories (a one and a two) on a local student creating Holocaust comic books.

May 5th, 10:30 am: Marc Nobleman on Batman creator

From: Marc Tyler Nobleman :


"I couldn't care less about superheroes but this was fascinating."

After most talks I give on my latest book, Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman, people share reactions like that. In other words, it's safe even for non-geeks. After a recent museum talk, a woman said "I had chills the entire time." After a talk at the Houston JCC, my host wrote, "Your presentation was fantastic. People are raving about it and you."

I'm honored to be part of the Speaker Series at Washington Hebrew Congregation. My topic: the heartbreaking real-life drama of behind the creation of one of world's most influential fictional characters, Batman.

Sunday 5/5/13
10:30 am - 12 pm (including book signing; no obligation!)
Washington Hebrew Congregation
3935 Macomb St NW, Washington, DC
Edlavitch Hall (enter, go down short flight of stairs, big function room to left off the main hallway)
free of charge

The book has been covered by NPR's All Things Considered, USA Today, Forbes, Washington Post, WIRED, and MTV (bold = best-of-the-year list); it also led to an invitation to give a TED talk. Michael Uslan, executive producer of The Dark Knight Rises, called it "Purposefully and meaningfully (and beautifully) written." See links below.

You will hear of the fateful meeting of two young creative types, family mysteries, ridiculous detective work, intellectual property dilemmas, betrayal, deception, and how the lone and previously unknown heir to the world's most lucrative superhero could change pop culture history...

Last time I spoke at WHC I was spoiled by a full house; fingers crossed for the same this time.

Hope to see you there! I guarantee you will leave with jaw dropped. And maybe a bat-themed cake pop.

Thank you,

MTV Geek

Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Fuse #8 (School Library Journal) "100 Magnificent Children's Books of 2012"


Mara Alpert of the Los Angeles Public Library

other coverage:

My TED talk about Bill Finger and the tragedy of creators' rights

My interview on NPR's All Things Considered

"Fast and fascinating. A must-have."

"Fiendishly clever."
—MTV Geek
Washington Post
"Buy this book; it's a great read."
—WIRED GeekDad
"Unique…eye-catching...engagingly told…complex and thorough…will be a hit."
—School Library Journal
"Seriously memorable...lush, emotive brushwork...[the book] will make the lasting impression [Bill Finger] deserves."
—Kirkus Reviews

"Bold...dynamic...a fitting tribute."

"Eye-opening and quietly tragic."
—Connect the Pop on School Library Journal

"Purposefully and meaningfully (and beautifully) written."

—Michael Uslan, executive producer of The Dark Knight Rises and every previous Batman movie since 1989 (unsolicited email)

"Absolutely fascinating...amazing research."
—Comic Book Resources

The book trailer (warning: contains tights)