Sunday, June 15, 2008

Zadzooks moves to Thursday

The Washington Times comics column is no longer being published in the Saturday edition, which is defunct. I wrote to Joe Szadkowski asking if his comics column was still published and he replied:

They moved me to the back of Classified on Thursday in print. On the Web site, I am under the Culture section, Family and Kids, every Thursday.

I also have a Zadzooks presence in its own TWT community.

The second story on his new day relates to Image Comics - "Shark-Man's son takes up crusade," Joseph Szadkowski, Washington Times Thursday, June 5, 2008. By the way, I just sent Shark-Man 2 to Michigan State's comic collection.

Brief Brad Meltzer interview on Wizard

The best-selling 'Identity Crisis' writer shares details on his new novel's ties to the creation of Superman, his upcoming stint on 'Buffy' and the death of the entire DC Universe!
By Andy Serwin
Posted 06/11/08

NY Times comics bits

Sturm and Tommaso's Satchel Paige is reviewed in "A League of Their Own," By KEVIN BAKER, New York Times Book Review June 15, 2008.

Tom Gauld provided the op-ed illo for "Croutons From My Father," By MEREDITH HOFFA, June 15, 2008. It's in color on the website, but was printed in b&w.

Danziger updates Mauldin

My buddy Masteribid sends in this link where Jeff Danziger updates a classic Bill Mauldin cartoon. I've seen Danziger speak a couple of times in DC - he's usually fairly quiet, but he does make some strong points when he speaks up. I really like his style as well.

Doug reads comics too, and here's his review of the direct-to-video cartoon Superman: Doomsday.

Ward Sutton in today's Washington Post

Ward Sutton's got a comics journalism piece in today's Washington Post business section, which annoyingly enough, just recapitulates the article it goes with "Adventures in Hypermiling". It's not online either.

Comics used in education in Baltimore

See "From comics to the Classics," by Madison Park, Baltimore Sun Reporter June 15, 2008 which reports on current efforts using Disney comics and the state's plan to translate simplified French versions of classic stories (although why they can't just buy Classics Illustrated is a question).

Saturday, June 14, 2008

US ships Kal off to Azerbaijan

Dave Astor's got the story in "Cartoonist Kal's News Includes Trips and an Animated John McCain," E&P Online June 13, 2008. Have a good trip, Kevin!

Moving cartoons in today's papers

BRIAN STELTER for the New York Times June 14, 2008 reports that "Writers for a Fox Cartoon Walk Out" regarding Sit Down, Shut Up,” which will air next year.

The Post has an article about movies and product placement that specifically discusses Iron Man and car companies, but hasn't put the article online.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wash Times on Animation Show

"'Animation' eclectic, imaginative," says Christian Toto, Washington Times June 13, 2008.

Hulk smash, but not as badly as he could have

Initial reviews in DC are cautiously positive.
Caution: Contents Turn Angry When Shaken
New York Times June 13, 2008

GREEN MEANS GO: Dramatic Muscle Gives Strength to 'Incredible Hulk'
By Ann Hornaday
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, June 13, 2008; C01

It’s not ‘Incredible’ but it’s pretty good
by Sally Kline, The Washington Examiner Jun 13, 2008
'Incredible Hulk' restores comic-book hero
Norton opens character's tortured soul to viewers, keeps film grounded
Christian Toto
Washington Times June 13, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trudeau and McGruder bits in Post

They're both interviewed for "Comedians Of Clout: In a Funny Way, Satirical Takes Can Color Perceptions of the Presidential Contenders," By Michael Cavna, Washington Post Staff Writer, Thursday, June 12, 2008; C01 which mainly deals with television comedians. Cavna did a nice cartoon illustration for the print version - he's done some editorial cartoons for the paper in the past. They're usually on entertainment, not politics. I think I've sent all my tearsheets of them to Michigan State.

June 13: Animation Show opens in DC

It's at the Landmark Theatres' E Street Cinema through June 19. Here's a brief review "Drawn to Adulthood: 'Animation Show' sketches of a rich variety of short films," Paul Stelter, Express June 12, 2008.

Hellman and the Hulk

The Washington City Paper has a cover by Danny Hellman, who's also still doing regular illos for the Sunday Source in the Post. It's also got a review of the Incredible Hulk movie, which I guess opens tomorrow. See "The latest Hulk is smartly big and stupid, while Savage Grace keeps its horrors pretty," By Tricia Olszewski, Washington City Paper June 12, 2008.

Meanwhile, Keith Phipps in The Onion also reviewed the Hulk fairly positively. Donna Bowman has a good review of The Pixar Touch book by David Price.

Keeping characters up to date

For a look at how cartoon characters evolve to capture the next generation, see "Beloved Characters as Reimagined for the 21st Century," By BROOKS BARNES, New York Times June 11, 2008. This is nothing new of course - once upon a time it was a big deal when Tom Swift got a motorcyle and Superman could jump to the top of a building.

Artists in America, but not cartoonists?

See "A 21st-Century Profile: Art for Art's Sake, and for the U.S. Economy, Too,"By SAM ROBERTS, New York Times June 12, 2008. The report (as a pdf) can be downloaded directly here. Animators are included, but there's no mention of cartoonists or comic artists.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fischer on Feldstein on Beaty on Hadju

My buddy Craig Fischer stirred up some old EC and Wertham issues for Al Feldstein and Bart Beaty, both of whom I correspond with, so I'm calling this DC news for the nonce. And it's interesting. Part the first - June 09, 2008 Feldstein on Beaty on Hajdu and part the second - June 11, 2008, Beaty and Feldstein Reply. Craig and I will be seeing Mr. Feldstein at Heroescon next week - the panel that Our Man Thompson is also on, and I'm going to help Big Al stomp Craig down to size... Harrassing an EC editor, indeed. Where's the respect?! Ooooh, my questions for Craig are going to be so tough...

Wildly OT: USS George Washington manga

This has nothing at all to do with Washington and comics, but you can download a free manga book made by the US Navy to justify the visit of the USS George Washington aircraft carrier to Japan. I think it's an interesting use of educational manga. Or would that be propaganda...

Our Man Thompson's blog

Richard's on a roll with a one and a two good beach cartoons and a great Stalin caricature that I immediately saved from the Post Magazine when it first appeared.

However, I'm guessing he should be working rather than blogging since we'll be off to Heroes Con next Thursday. For myself - I'm going to Synetic Theater's "Carmen."

Matt Wuerker sends in...

a subject line of "here's some good ink on a fine international cartoonist" with a link to this article about Nicaraguan political cartoonists. "Postcard from Managua: Cartoonists Go to War," By TIM ROGERS, Tuesday, Jun. 10, 2008. Thanks, Matt!

Johnny Bunko - Edumanga in Express

See "A Comic Office: 'The Adventures of Johnny Bunko'" by Express contributor Rachel Kaufman, Express June 11 2008 for an interview with the writer Daniel Pink. This is both in print and digital.