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OT: Film & TV Adaptations of Comics - H-J

Hagar the Horrible (Dik Browne)
Hagar the Horrible (USA: CBS, 1989; animated tv special)

Hairbreadth Harry (C. W. Kahles) vide Castelli.
1906 Nestor adapation?
Adventures of Hairbreadth Harry (USA 1920)
Hairbreadth Harry (USA: West Brothers, 1926-1928; 11 movie shorts)
Hairbreadth Harry? (USA 195?; tv series)

The Hall Room Boys (Harold Arthur McGill) vide Castelli.
The Hall-Room Boys (USA: National Film Corp. of America, 1919-1920; movie shorts?)

Happy Hooligan (Frederick Burr Opper) vide Castelli. Vide Lenburg for titles.
Happy Hooligan (USA: American Vitagraph Co., 1900, J. Stuart Blackton; 7 shorts)
The Hooligan (original series title?)
The Adventures of Happy Hooligan (rerelease title)
Happy Hooligan (USA: Edison Co., 1901-1902; 5 shorts)
Happy Hooligan and His Airship, or Twentieth Century Tramp,
Happy Hooligan (USA: American Mutoscope & Biograph Co., 1903; 16 shorts)
Gloomy Gus Gets the Best of It (1903; 3 short with Happy's brother)
Happy Hooligan (USA: Nonpareil, 1914)
Happy Hooligan (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst, 1916-1919; 34 animated shorts)
Happy Hooligan (USA: International Film Service, 1920-21; 15 animated shorts)

Harold Teen (Carl Ed) vide Castelli.
Harold Teen (USA: First National, 1928)
Harold Teen (USA: Warner Bros., 1934; aka The Dancing Fool)

Harsh Realm (James Hudnall)
Harsh Realm (USA 1999-2000; tv series)

Hazel (Ted Key)
Hazel (USA 1961-1966; tv series)

Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal (USA 1981, rereleased 1996; animated movie)
Heavy Metal 2000 (USA 2000; animated tv movie)
aka Heavy Metal F.A.K.K 2

*Hellblazer (DC)
Constantine (USA 2005)

*Hellboy (Mike Mignola)
Hellboy (USA 2004)
*Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storm (USA 2006; animated movie)
*Hellboy: Blood and Iron (USA 2007; animated movie)

*Henga, SEE Yor

Betty Boop Meets Henry, the Funniest Living American (USA 1935; animated short)

Hey Look! (Harvey Kurtzman)
O Yeah! Cartoons! (USA 1998-; animated tv series with episodes based on Kurtzman's strip)

Hi no tori [The Phoenix] (Osamu Tezuka)
Hi no tori (Japan 1978; animated movie)
[Fire's Bird (1978)]
[The Firebird (1978)]
[The Phoenix (1978)]
Hi no tori 2772: ai no kosomozon (Japan 1979; animated movie)
[Fire's Bird 2772: Love's Cosmozone (1979)]
[Phoenix 2772 (1979)]
[Space Firebird (1979)]
[Space Firebird 2772 (1979)]

Hikaru no Go (Yumi Hotta & Takeshi Obata / SHONEN JUMP)
Hikaru no Go (Japan 2001-; animated tv series)

Historias de la puta mili ? (Ramon Tosas)
Historias de la puta mili (Spain 1993)

*A History of Violence (John Wagner and Vinnce Locke)
A History of Violence (USA 2005, David Cronenberg)

Hogan's Alley (Richard F. Outcault)
Trouble in Hogan's Alley (USA 1903; animated short)

Hokuto no Ken [Fist Of The Northstar] (Buronson & Tetsuo Hara)
Hokuto no Ken (Japan 1984; animated tv series)
Hokuto no Ken (Taiwan 1986; animated DTV movie?)
Hokuto no Ken 2 (Japan 1987-1988; animated tv series)
Hokuto no Ken: Ankoku no hokuto (Japan 1995; videogame that includes movie footage)
Fist Of The Northstar (USA 1995, Tony Randal)

*Hopital Brut (France: Dernier Cri, 2001; adaptation of comics collective's work)

Hot Off The Pen (Earl Hurd) vide Castelli.
Hot Off the Pen (USA: Edison Inc., 1915; 1 animated short)

Howard The Duck (Steve Gerber / MARVEL)
Howard The Duck (USA 1985, W. Huyck)

Hulk (Stan Lee and Jack Kirby / MARVEL)
Marvel Super Heroes (syndicated, 1966; )
The Incredible Hulk (USA 1977, Kenneth Johnson) (tv movie)
Return of the Hulk (USA 1977) (tv movie)
The Incredible Hulk (USA 1979-82) (tv series: 85 episodes)
Bride of the Incredible Hulk (1979; compilation of two episodes))
The Incredible Hulk & The Amazing Spider-Man Hour (NBC, 1982-83; animated tv series)
The Amazing Spider-Man & The Incredible Hulk Hour (NBC, 1983-84)
The Return of the Incredible Hulk (USA 1988, Nicholas Corea; tv movie. Guest-stars Thor.)
[grm: Die Rueckkehr des unheimlichen Hulk]
The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (USA 1989, Bill Bixby; tv movie. Guest-stars Daredevil)
The Death of the Incredible Hulk (USA 1990) (tv movie)
Incredible Hulk & Friends (USA 1998-; animated tv series)
*Incredible Jr. (France 2002; amateur short)
The Hulk (USA 2003, Ang Lee)
*Hulk: Reaction (USA 2003; amateur short)
*Projet Gamma (France 2003; amateur short)

The Human Target (DC)
The Human Target (USA 1992; 7 episode tv series. Some written by Howard Chaykin)

*Hyeongsa (Bang Hak-gi)
Hyeongsa (South Korea 2005)
US: The Duelist

L'Idée [The Idea] (Frans Masereel)
L'Idée (FR 1932, Berthold Bartosch; animated movie short)

If I See You In My Dreams (Noriyuki Yamahana / BUSINESS JUMP)
If I See You In My Dreams (Japan, 16 episode animated tv series and 3 DTV movies)
SEE for further details

Inbad the Sailor (Wallgreen) vide Castelli.
Inbad the Sailor (USA: Bray Studio Inc., 1916; ? animated shorts)
Inbad the Sailor (USA: Pat Sullivan, 1917; 1 animated short)

Indoor Sports (T. A. Dorgan) vide Castelli.
Tad's Indoor Sports (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst, 1918; 2 animated shorts)

*Initial D (Shuichi Shigeno)
Initial D (Hong Kong, 2005; Andrew Lau and Alan Mak)
Initial D First Stage (Japan 1998; 26 episode anime tv series)
Initial D Second Stage (Japan 1999; 13 episode anime tv series)
Initial D Extra Stage OVA(Japan 2000; 2 episode DTV anime spotlighting Impact Blue)
Initial D Third Stage (Japan 2001; anime movie)
Initial D Battle Stage (Japan 2002; anime movie)
Initial D Fourth Stage (Japan 2004-2006; 24 episode anime)
Initial D Battle Stage 2 (Japan 200?; anime)

Inuyasha (Rumiko Takahashi)
Inuyasha (Japan; animated tv series)

Iron Man (MARVEL)
Marvel Action Hour (USA 1994-1996; animated tv series alternating Fantastic Four and Iron Man)
*The Invincible Iron Man (USA 2007; dtv animation)

Isabella (Giorgio Cavedon, 1966)
Isabella, Duchessa dei Diavoli [Isabella, the Devils' Duchess] (Italy 1969, Bruno Corbucci)

James Montgomery Flagg's Girls You Know
James Montgomery Flagg's Girls You Know
The Good Sport (USA: Thomas A. Edison, Inc, 1918 film)

Jan, Jans en de Kinderen (Jan Kruis)
? (the Netherlands 19??; animated tv series)

Jane (Norman Pett / DAILY MIRROR)
The Adventures of Jane (GB 1949)
Jane (UK, 1982; tv series)
Jane and the Lost City (1987)

Jane Arden
Adventures of Jane Arden (USA 1939)

Jeremiah (Hermann Huppen)
Jeremiah (USA 2002-; 20 episode tv series)

Jerry On The Job (Walter C. Hoban) vide Castelli.
Jerry on the Job (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst, 1916-1917; 9 animated shorts)
Jerry on the Job (USA 1919-1920; 25 animated shorts)

Jesuit Joe (Hugo Pratt, 1980)
Jesuit Joe (France 1992)

Jetcat (Jay Stephens)
Nickelodeon's Kablam! (USA 1998-1999; animated shorts in anthology tv show)

Jeu de massacre (?) (Guy Peelaert)
Jeu de massacre (France 19xx) (?)

Jewel Of God (?)
Jewel Of God (SA 1988, Robert van de Coolwijk)
[grm: Jane und der verlorene Schatz]

Joe Palooka (Ham Fisher)
Palooka (1934)
Joe Palooka, Champ (1946)
Gentleman Joe Palooka (1946)
Joe Palooka in the Knockout (1947)
Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad (1948)
Joe Palooka in Winner Take All (1948)
Joe Palooka in the Big Fight (1949)
Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch (1949)
Joe Palooka in the Squared Circle (1950)
Joe Palooka Meets Humphrey (1950)
Humphrey Takes a Chance (1950)
Joe Palooka in Triple Cross (1951)
The Joe Palooka Story (1954; tv series)

*Joe Panther (Zachary Ball, pen name for Kelly Masters)
*Joe Panther (USA 1976; artist Hy Eisman claims the movie is based on an unpublished comic strip he did based on the books)

Joe Psycho & Moo Frog (Goblin Entertainment)
Joe Psycho & Moo Frog (USA 1998; animated pilot episode shown at comic conventions)

Josie (Dan DeCarlo / ARCHIE)
Josie and the Pussycats (USA 1970-1972; animated tv series)
Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space (USA 1972-1974; animated tv series)
Josie and the Pussycats (USA 2001)

John Citizen and friends by Poy CHECK
John Citizen (GB 1928)

Joys and Glooms (T. E. Powers) vide Castelli. Vide Lenburg for titles.
Joys and Glooms (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst, 1916; 3 animated shorts)

Judge Dredd (FLEETWAY)
Judge Dredd (USA 1995, Danny Cannon)

The Juggler of Our Lady: A Medieval Legend (R.O Blechman)
The Juggler of Our Lady (USA 1958; animated short)

Jûichi-nin iru! [They Were 11] (Moto Hagio)
Jûichi-nin iru! (Japan 1986; animated movie)

Jungle Jim (Alex Raymond / KING FEATURES SYNDICATE)
Jungle Jim (USA 1936; 12 episode serial)
Jungle Jim (1948)
The Lost Tribe (1949)
Captive Girl (1950)
Mark of the Gorilla (1950)
Pygmy Island (1950)
Fury of the Congo (1951)
Jungle Manhunt (1951)
Jungle Jim in The Forbidden Land (1952)
Voodoo Tiger (1952)
Savage Mutiny (1953)
Valley of Head Hunters (1953)
Killer Ape (1953)
Jungle Man-Eaters (1954)
Cannibal Attack (1954)
Jungle Moon Men (1955)
Devil Goddess (1955)
Jungle Jim (USA, 1955; tv series: 26 episodes)

Jungle Taitei (Osamu Tezuka, 1950-1954)
Jungle Taitei (Japan 1965-1965; 52 episode animated tv series)
[Kimba the White Lion (1965-1967 USA showing)]
Jungle Taitei Sosome Leo! (Japan 1966; 26 episode animated tv series)
[Leo the Lion (1984 USA showing)]
Jungle Taitei (Japan 1989-1990; animated tv series)

Justice League of America (DC)
The Superman-Aquaman Hour of Adventure (CBS, 1967-68; animated tv series)
Super Friends (ABC, 1973-75, 1976-77; animated tv series)
becomes The All-New Super Friends Hour (ABC, 1977-78)
becomes Challenge of the Superfriends (ABC, 1978-79)
becomes World's Greatest Super Friends (ABC, 1979-80)
Legends of the Superheroes: The Challenge (USA 1979; tv movie)
Legends of the Superheroes: The Roast (USA 1979; tv movie)
Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (ABC, 1984-85; animated tv series)
Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (ABC, 1985-86; animated tv series)
Super Powers: Darkside of the Moon! (1985 video)
Justice League of America (USA 199?; unaired tv pilot, available as bootleg video)
Justice League of America (USA 2001-2003; animated tv series)
*Justice League Unlimited (USA 2004-2006; animated tv series)

OT: Film & TV Adaptations of Comics - F-G

Les Faceties du Sapeur Camberber (Christophe)
(France 1960s tv series)

La Famille Fenoullard (Christophe)
(France 1960s movie)

Fantastic Four (Jack Kirby & Stan Lee / MARVEL)
Fantastic Four (ABC, 1967-68; 26 episodes)
The New Fantastic Four (USA 1978-79; animated tv series)
Fred and Barney Meet The Thing (USA: NBC, 1981-82)
Fantastic Four (?) (USA 1993, Roger Corman; not officially released)
Marvel Action Hour (USA 1994-1996; animated tv series alternating Fantastic Four and Iron Man)
*Fantastic Four (USA 2005)
*Fantastic Four (USA 2006; animated tv series)
*Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (USA 2007)

The Far Side (Gary Larson)
Gary Larson's Tales from the Far Side (USA 1994; animated tv special)
Tales from the Far Side II (USA 1997; animated tv special)

Far til Fire [Father of Four] (Engholm & Hast, 1948-?)
[6-7 movies; Denmark 1950s)

Fat Dog Mendoza (Scott Musgrove / DARK HORSE COMICS)
Fat Dog Mendoza (USA/UK/GERMANY 2000: Sunbow Entertainment / Cartoon Network Europe / TMO-Loonland. Animated tv series)

Fat Slags (Viz Comics)
Fat Slags (UK 200?; dtv animation)

*Fatty Finn (Syd Nicholls)
The Kid Stakes (Australia 1927)
Fatty Finn (1980)

Faust (David Quinn and TimVigil)
Faust: Love of the Damned (USA 2001; Brian Yuzna)

FC Knudde (Toon van Driel)
? (the Netherlands 19??; series of animated shorts)

Felix (Jan Loof)
[Sweden 1960s-1970s; animated tv series]

Fire Tripper (Rumiko Takahashi)

Firearm (James Robinson/MALIBU)
Firearm (USA 1993; DTV. Written by James Robinson. Came with Firearm comic book #0)

Fish Police (Steve Moncuse)
The Fish Police (USA 199?; animated tv show)

Fist Of The Northstar SEE Hokuto no Ken

Fix und Foxi (Rolf Kauka)
Synfonie in Müll [Symphony in Trash] (Germany 1972; animated short)

Flash (DC)
The Flash (USA 1990; pilot of tv series. Rereleased as video)
The Flash (USA 1990-91; 26 episode tv series. Some written by Howard Chaykin)
The Flash 2: Revenge of the Trickster (USA 1991, Danny Bilson; compilation of 2 episodes of tv series)
The Flash 3: Deadly Nightshade (USA 1991, Bruce Bilson; compilation of 2 episodes of tv series)

Flash Gordon (Alex Raymond)
Flash Gordon (USA 1936; 13 episode film serial)
Flash Gordon: Rocketship (USA 1936, Frederick Stephani)
Flash Gordon's Trip to the Mars (USA 1938; film serial)
Flash Gordon: Mars Attacks The World (USA 1938, Ford Beebe/Robert Hill)
Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe (USA 1940, Ford Beebe/Ray Taylor; 12 episode film serial. Cut and released on tv and video as Purple Death from Outer Space (1966) and Peril from the Planet Mongo (1966))
Flash Gordon (USA 1953; 39 episode tv series)
Popeye Meets the Man Who Hated Laughter (USA 1972; animated tv movie. "Guest-stars" Bringing Up Father, The Katzenjammer Kids, Beetle Bailey, Blondie, The Little King, Steve Canyon, Flash Gordon, Tim Tyler)
Flesh Gordon (USA 1973, Howard Ziehm. Pornographic adaptation.)
[grm: Flesh Gordon - Schande der Galaxie]
The New Animated Adventures of Flash Gordon (USA 1979-1983?; animated tv series)
Flash Gordon (USA 1980, Mike Hodges)
Defenders of the Earth (USA 1986; animated tv series produced by King Features Syndicate & Marvel Productions, Ltd)
Flesh Gordon 2: Flesh Gordon Meets The Cosmic Cheerleaders (USA 1993, Howard Ziehm)
[Flash Gordon animated tv series 1997?]
Flash Gordon (France 1999?; animated tv series)
*Flash Gordon (USA, Sci-Fi Channel, 2007)

*Flashko (Nicolas Mahler / L'ASSOCIATION)
Flashko (France? 200?; animated shorts )

*Footrot Flats (Murray Ball)
Footrot Flats: A Dog's Tale (New Zealand; animated)

For Better Or For Worse (Lynn Johnston)
For Better Or For Worse: The Bestest Present (Canada 1986; animated tv special)
For Better Or For Worse (HBO/Disney ?; 6 videos)
For Better or For Worse (Canada 2001: Funbag / IMX in association with Lynn Johnston Productions; animated tv series)

Fosdyke Saga
The Fosdyke Saga (UK 1977; tv series)

Foxy Grandpa (Charles "Bunny" Schulze) vide Castelli.
Foxy Grandpa (USA: American Mutoscope & Biograph Co., 1902-1903, Robert K. Bonine; 9 shorts based on the musical "Foxy Grandpa" which was based on the comic strip.)
includes Foxy Grandpa and Polly in a Little Hilarity (1902)

Fred Bassett (Alex Graham)
Fred Bassett (UK 1977; animated tv show)

Free for All (Brett Merhar)
Free for All (USA: Showtime, 2003; animated tv series)

*Freesia: Bullets Over Tears
Freesia: Bullets Over Tears (Japan 2007)

Friday Foster (Jim Lawrence & Jorge Longaron / CHICAGO TRIBUNE - NEW YORK DAILY NEWS SYNDICATE, 1970-1974)
Friday Foster (USA: American International, 1975, Arthur Marks. Pam Grier as Friday.)

Fritz the Cat (Robert Crumb)
Fritz the Cat (USA 1972; animated movie)
Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat

Fudoh (Hiroshi Tanemara)
Gokudo Sengokushi: Fudoh (Japan: GaGa Communications, 1996)
Fudoh: the New Generations

*Full House (Soo Yon Won)
Full House (Korea 2004; tv series)

*Fullmetal Alchemist (SEE Hagane no Renkinjutsushi)

Furuba (Natsuki Takaya)
Furuba (Japan 2001: 26 episode animated tv series)
[USA: Fruits basket]
SEE for further details

Gags and Gals (Jefferson Machamer)
Jefferson Machamer and his Gags and Gals (USA: Official Films / E.W.Hammons, 1930s?; 2 shorts inc. "Koo-Koo Korespondence Skool" and "Silly Night" loosely based on strip and starring Machamer as himself)

Galaxy Express 999 (Leiji Matsumoto) SEE Ginga tetsudô 999

Garfield (Jim Davis)
Garfield and Friends (USA 1988-1994; animated tv series)
-At least 13 animated tv specials.
*Garfield: The Movie (USA 2004)
*Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties (USA 2006)

Gasoline Alley (Frank King) vide Castelli.
Gasoline Alley (USA: Columbia, 1951)
Corky of Gasoline Alley (USA: Columbia, 1951)

Gaston Lagaffe (André Franquin )
Gaston Lagaffe: Fais gaffe à la gaffe (France 1981)

GeGeGe no Kitarou (Shigeru Mizuki)
GeGeGe no Kitarou (Japan 1967-1997?; animated tv series)

Gekko no Sasayaki (Masahiko Kikuni)
Sasayaki (Moonlight Whispers) (Japan 2000?)

Gen13 (Image)
PLANNED: Gen 13 (USA 2000; DTV animated movie)

Generation X (MARVEL)
Generation X (USA 1996; tv movie/series pilot; written by Stan Lee)

Genocyber (Tony Takezaki)
[USA: Genocyber (Japan; 1993 DTV animated release)]

Ghost World (Daniel Clowes)
Ghost World (USA 2001)

Ginga Tetsudô 999 [Galaxy Express 999] (Leiji Matsumoto)
Ginga tetsudô 999 (Japan 1980-?; animated tv series)
[USA: Galaxy Express (1980; animated DTV)]
[USA: Galaxy Express 999 (1980; animated DTV)]
[USA: Galaxy Express 999: Can You Live Like a Warrior? (1980; animated DTV)]
[USA: Galaxy Express 999: Can You Love Like a Mother? (1986; animated DTV)]
[Japan; 2 animated movies]

Ginger Meggs
Ginger Micks (Australia 1920; pirated)
Ginger Meggs (Australia 1982, John Dawson, with Paul Daniel as Ginger Meggs)

Un Gioco [engl: Click, grm: Ausser Kontrolle] (Milo Manara)
Le Declic (France 19xx, Jean-Luis Richard)
[2nd movie? (France 19xx, Milo Manara?)]

G-Men From Hell (Mike Allred)
G-Men From Hell (USA 2000)

El Gnomo Pimentón [Hot Pepper the Gnome] (Oscar Blotta CHECK)
Upa en Apuros (Argentina 19??; 1st animated film made of combined strips El Gnomo Pimentón & Ventajita)

Golgo 13 (Takao Saitō)
Golgo 13 (Japan 1973, live action movie)
Golgo 13: Assignment Kowloon (Japan 1977; live action movie starring Sonny Chiba)
Golgo 13 (Japan 1983; animated movie)
[USA: The Professional: Golgo 13]
Golgo 13: Queen Bee (Japan 1998; animated video)

Goorgoorlou (T T Fons / LE CAFARD LIBÉRÉ)
Goorgoorlou (Senegal 199?; 75 short television episodes)

*Gravitation (Maki Murakami)
Gravitation (Japan 200?; 13 episode animated tv series and 2 DTV movies)

*Green Arrow
Green Arrow (USA 2004; amateur trailer)
Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles (USA 2007; 6-episode animated shorts online at

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (Fujisawa Tooru / KC Magazine Shounen Comics)
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (Japan: Fuji TV, 1998; 12 episode and 1 special live action tv show)
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (Japan: Fuji TV, 1999; 43-episode animated tv show)
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka ? (Japan 1999?; movie - live action continuing tv show?)

The Gumps (Sidney Smith) vide Castelli. Vide Lenburg for titles.
The Gumps (USA: Celebrated Players Film Corporation / Wallace A. Carlson, 1920-1921; 55 animated movie shorts)
The Gumps (USA: Universal 1923-1928; 47 movie serials)

Gunnm [Battle Angel Alita in USA comic books] (Yukito Kishiro)
[Battle Angel (Japan 199?; animated tv show, released as DTV movie in USA in 1993)]

Gunsmith Cats (Sonoda Kenichi)
? (Japan 199?; animated movie?)
Gunsmith Cats (Japan ?; USA DTV releases)
Vol 1
Vol 2
Vol 3: High Speed Edge

The Guyver (Yoshiki Takaya )
The Guyver (Japan/USA 1992)
Guyver: Dark Hero (USA 1994)
Kyôshoku sôkô Guyver (Japan 198?; animated tv series)
[USA: Bio-Booster Armor Guyver]
Kyôshoku sôkô Guyver : Kikaku Gaihin (Japan 1986; DTV animation)
[USA: Guyver: Out of Control]

Gwendoline CHECK
The Perils of Gwendoline in the land of the Yik Yak (France 1984, Just Jaeckin)

OT: Film & TV Adaptations of Comics - D-E

Daffydils (T. A. Dorgan) vide Castelli.
Tad’s Little Daffydils (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst, 1918; 1 animated short)

Dot and Carrie GB 1928 0:18
Dilly and Dally GB 1928 0:25
Dora GB 1928

Daredevil (MARVEL)
The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (USA 1989, Bill Bixby; tv movie. Guest-stars Daredevil)
Daredevil (USA 1989; tv movie)
Daredevil (France 2001, David Sarrio; short at
Heroes (USA 2002; flash animation parody; online at
Daredevil (USA 2003)

Dark Town ( Kaja Blackley and Vanessa Chong)
Monkeybone (USA 2001)

Darna (Mars Ravelo)
Darna (Philippines: Royal films, 1951)
Darna at Ang Babaing Lawin (Darna and the Hawk Woman) (Philippines: Royal films, 1951)
Si Darna at Ang Impakta (Darna and the Evil Twins) (Philippines: PPH, 1963
Isputnik vs Darna (Philippines: Tagalog ilang-ilang productions, 1963)
Darna at Ang Babaing Tuod (Darna and Tree Monster) (Philippines: Premiere Productions, 1964)
Darna at Ang Planetman (Darna and the Planetman) (Philippines: Vera Perez Productions, 1969)
Lipad, Darna, Lipad! ( Fly, Darna, Fly) (Philippines: Sine Pilipino, 1973)
Darna and the Giants (Philippines: Tagalog -ilang ilang productions, 1974)
Darna vs the Planet Women (Philippines: Tagalog Ilang Ilang Productions, 1975)
Darna Kuno (Philippines: Regal films, 1979)
Darna! The TV series (Philippines:KBS 9, 1979)
Bira, Darna, Bira! (Philippines: MBM productions, 1979)
Darna and Ding (Philippines: D' Wonder Films, 1980)
Captain Barbel (Philippines: Viva Films, 1986; Darna cameo)
Darna (Philippines: Viva Films, 1991)
Darna Ang Pagbabalik! (Darna The Return!) (Philippines: Viva films, 1994)

Dear Julia (Brian Biggs)
Dear Julia (USA 2001, Banks Griffin; short student film from Rhode Island School of Design)

*Death Note
Death Note
Death Note 2: The Last Name (Japan 2006)
Death Note (Japan 2006-2007; anime tv series)

Dennis the Menace (Hank Ketcham)
Dennis the Menace (USA 1959-63; tv series: 146 episodes)
Dennis the Menace (USA 1968; animated tv series)
Dennis the Menace (USA 1987; tv movie)
Dennis the Menace: Dinosaur Hunter (1987 video title)
Dennis the Menace (USA 1993, Nick Castle)
[grm: Dennis]
Dennis the Menace Strikes Again (USA 1998; direct-to-video)

Dennis the Menace (D C THOMSONS "Beano")
Dennis the Menace (UK 199?; animated tv series)

Desperate Desmond (H. Hershfield) vide Castelli.
Desperate Desmond (USA: Nestor, 1911-1912; 8 animated shorts series)
Desperate Desmond
Desperate Desmond Almost Succeeeds
Desperate Desmond Pursued by Claude Eclair
Desperate Desmond Abducts Rosamund
Desperate Desmond Foiled by Claude Eclair
Desperate Desmond Fails
Desperate Desmond On the Trail Again
Desperate Desmond At the Cannon’s Mouth

Detectives, Inc. (Don McGregor & Gene Colan)
Detectives, Inc. (USA 2001; Don McGregor directed)

*Devilman (Go Nagai)
Devilman (Japan 2004)

Diabolik (Angela Giussani/Luciana Giussani)
Diabolik (Italy/France 1968, Mario Bava)
[USA: Danger: Diabolik]
Diabolik - The New Adventures (USA/France: Saban International, 2000; 40 episode animated tv series)

*Diary of a Worm (Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss
Diary of a Worm (USA 2005, Gene Deitch; animated short movie based on children's book by cartoonist)

Dick Tracy (Chester Gould)
Dick Tracy (USA 1937, Ray Taylor/Alan James; film serial: 15 episodes)
Dick Tracy Returns (USA 1938, William Witney/John English; film serial: 15 episodes)
Dick Tracy's G-Men (USA 1939, William Witney/John English; film serial: 15 episodes)
Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc. (USA 1941, William Witney/John English; film serial: 15 episodes)
Dick Tracy meets Gruesome (USA 1947, John Rawlins)
Dick Tracy vs Cueball (USA 1946, Gordon Douglas)
Dick Tracy, Detective (USA 1945, William Berke)
Dick Tracy's Dilemma (USA 1947, John Rawlins. Ralph Byrd as Tracy.)
Dick Tracy (USA 1950-51) (tv series)
Dick Tracy? (USA 1960s?; animated tv series) CHECK
Dick Tracy (USA 1967; tv series pilot by the Batman tv series team)
Dick Tracy (USA 1990)

Diego Valor (Enrique "Jarber" Jarnés Bergua, Buylla & Braulio "Bayo" Rodriguez)
Diego Valor? (Spain 195?; tv series)

Dilbert (Scott Adams/ UNITED MEDIA)
Dilbert (USA 1997; unaired live action tv pilot)
[Office Depot animated commercials] (USA 1998)
Dilbert (USA 1999; 13 episode animated tv series)

Dixie Dugan (J.P. McEvoy & John Striebel)
Dixie Dugan (USA: 20th Century Fox, 1943)

Docteur Justice (Jean Ollivier and Raphaël Marcello)
Docteur Justice (France / Spain 1975)
[USA: Doctor Justice]
[Spain: Ambición fallida (1982)]

Dr. Dippy
Dr. Dippy? (USA: Biograph 1906)

Dr. Strange (MARVEL)
Dr. Strange (USA 1978, Philip DeGuere; tv movie)
*Dr. Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme (USA 2007; animated DTV)

Don Winslow of the Navy (Frank V. Martinek)
Don Winslow of the Navy (1942 15 episode Universal serial starring Don Terry)
Don Winslow of the Coast Guard (1943 Universal serial starring Don Terry; 1994 video release)

Dondi (USA 1961)

Doonesbury (Garry Trudeau)
The Doonesbury Special (USA 1977; animated tv movie)
[Mr. Butts anti-smoking ad] (USA 199?: J.J. Sedelmaier Productions Inc / Massachusetts Dept. of Health, animated tv commercial)
"Duke for President" on Larry King Live (USA 3/14/2000; computer animated segment on tv show)

Dragon Ball (Akira Toriyama)
Dragon Ball (1995- ; animated tv series)
[USA: Dragon Ball Vol 3: Yamcha The Desert Bandit (Japan 198?; DTV. 2 episodes of tv series?)]
[USA: Dragon Ball Vol 4: The Ox-King on Fire Mountain (Japan 198?; DTV. 2 episodes of tv series?)]
[USA: Dragon Ball Vol 5: Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch (Japan 198?; DTV. 2 episodes of tv series?)]
Dragonball: Shen long no densetsu (Japan 1986; animated DTV)
[Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies (1986; animated DTV)]
Dragonball: Majinjô no nemuri hime (Japan 1987; animated DTV)
Dragonball: Makafushigi dai bôken (Japan 1988; animated DTV)
Dragonball Z (Japan 199?; animated tv series?)
[USA: Dragon ball Z: Arrival ( Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes 1-4)]
[USA: Dragon ball Z 2: The Saiyans (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes 5-7)]
[USA: Dragon ball Z 3: Snake Way (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes 8-10)]
[USA: Dragon ball Z 4: Pendulum Room (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes)
[USA: Dragon ball Z 5: Doom (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes)
[USA: Dragon ball Z 6: Immortals (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes)
[USA: Dragon ball Z 7: Destruction (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes)
[USA: Dragon ball Z 8: Showdown (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes)
[USA: Dragon ball Z 9: Departure (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes)
[USA: Dragon ball Z 12: Betrayed (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes)
[USA: Dragon ball Z 13: Zaroon (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes)
[USA: Dragon ball Z 14: Quest (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes)
[USA: Dragon ball Z 15: Trouble (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes)
[USA: Dragon ball Z 16: The Ginyu Force (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes)
[USA: Dragon ball Z 17: Super Saiyan!? (Japan 199?; DTV of tv series episodes)
Dragonball Z: Kono yo de ichiban tsuyoi yatsu Japan (1990; animated DTV)
[USA: Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest (1990; animated DTV)]
Dragonball Z: Chô senshi gekiha!! Katsu no wa ore da (Japan 1994; animated DTV)
Dragonball Z: Fukkatsu no fusion!! Gokû to vegeta (Japan 1995; animated DTV)
Dragonball Z: Gekitotsu!! Hyakuoku power no senshitachi (Japan 1992; animated DTV)
Dragonball Z: Ginga girigiri!! Butchigiri no sugoi yatsu (Japan 1993; animated DTV)
Dragonball Z: Kiken na futari! Chô senshi wa nemurenai (Japan 1994; animated DTV)
Dragonball Z: Kyokugen battle!! San dai super saiyajin (Japan 1992; animated DTV)
Dragonball Z: Moetsukiro!! Atsusen-retsusen-chô gekisen (Japan 1993; animated DTV)
Dragonball Z: Ryûken bakuhatsu!! Gokû ga yaraneba dare ga yaru (Japan 1995; animated DTV)
Dragonball Z: Zetsubô e no Hankô!! Nokosareta chô senshi - Gohan to trunks (Japan 1993; animated DTV)
[USA: Dragonball Z: The Dead Zone (Japan 199?; animated movie)]
[USA: Dragonball Z: The Tree Of Might (Japan 199?; animated movie)]

Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend (Winsor McCay)
Dream of the Race Track Fiend (USA: Biograph, 1905. Unauthorized)
The Dream of the Rarebit Fiend (USA: Edison Co., 1906)
Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: Bug Vaudeville (USA 1921)
Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: The Flying House (USA 1921)
[UK: Watch Your House (1921)]
Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: The Pet (USA 1921)
[UK: The Last Word (1921)]

*Drunken Bakers ( Barney Farmer and Lee Healey VIZ)
Drunken Bakers (UK: 2005, Mark Leckey, fine art video)

Duckman (Everett Peck)
Duckman (USA: 1994-1997; animated tv series)

*Duelist (SEE Hyeongsa)

Earth X (Alex Ross / MARVEL COMICS)
Earth X (USA 2000; short film mixing live action and computer animation.)

Earthian (Yun Kouga)
Earthian (Japan 199?; animated)

*Elektra (Frank Miller / MARVEL COMICS)
Daredevil (USA 2003)
Elektra (USA 2004)

Ella Cinders (William M. Conselman & Charles Plumb, 1925-?)
Ella Cinders (USA: John McCormick Productions, 1926)

Eltingville Club (Evan Dorkin)
Welcome to Eltingville (USA 2002, pilot on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim)

Emmy Lou? vide Castelli.
Archie TV Funnies TV (USA 1971; animated tv series including Moon Mullins, Smokey Stover, Alley Oop, Broom Hilda, Emmy Lou, The Captain and the Kids, and Nancy)
rereleased as The Fabulous Funnies TV (USA 1978)

Enemy (Steven Grant / DARK HORSE)
Enemy (USA 1996; tv series)

Enjo-kôsai bokumetsu undô (Tetsuya Koshiba and Hideo Yamamoto)
Enjo-kôsai bokumetsu undô (Japan 2001)

Everett True (A.D. Condo & J. W. Raper)
Everett True (USA: American Bioscope, 1916; ? movie shorts)

Friday, August 17, 2007

OT: Film & TV Adaptations of Comics - B-C

Baby Blues (Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott)
Baby Blues (USA 2000; 8 episode animated tv series)

Bakuretsu Hunter -CHECK IF MANGA
Bakuretsu Hunter (Japan 1996; 26 episode animated tv series)
[USA: The Sorcerer Hunters (1996)]

Bande des Pieds Nickelés

Bannou Bunka Neko-Musume - SEE Nuku Nuku

Baô [Baoh] (Hirohiko Araki)
Baô raihôsha (Japan 1989; animated DTV)
[USA: Baoh the Visitor]

Barb Wire (Chris Warner / DARK HORSE)
Barb Wire (USA 1996, David Hogan. Geoff Darrow acted as visual consultant.)

Barbarella (Jean-Claude Forest)
Barbarella (F/I 1967, Roger Vadim)

Barefoot Gen aka Hadashi no Gen (Keiji Nakazawa)
Barefoot Gen (Japan 1983; animated movie)
*Barefoot Gen (Japan 2007; tv movie)

Barnaby (Crockett Johnson)
Barnaby (USA; CBS: ca. 1960; Playhouse 90 tv show starring Bert Lahr as Mr. O'Malley and Ron Howard as Barnaby)
Barnaby (1967; won first prize at Venice Film Festival)

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith (Billy DeBeck) vide Castelli.
Barney Google (USA 1928-1929; 8 or 12 shorts)
Barney Google (USA 1935-1936; 4 animated shorts)
Private Snuffy Smith (USA 1941/2)
Hillbilly Blitzkrieg (USA 1942)
Spree for All (USA 1946; animated short by Famous Studios for Noveltoons series)
Snuffy Smith (USA 1962; 4 animated shorts for television)
Snuffy Smith (USA 1962-1963; 50 animated tv shorts in King Features Trilogy Tv aka Beetle and his Friends)

Barry McKenzie (Barry Humphries & Nicholas Garland)
The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (Australia/Great Britain 1973)
Barry McKenzie holds his own (Australia/Great Britain 1975)

Batman (Bob Kane / DC)
The Batman (USA 1943) (15 episode film serial)
Batman and Robin (USA 1949, Spencer Gordon Bennett; 15 episode film serial)
Batman (USA 1966-68) (120 episode tv series)
Batman (USA 1966; movie with tv series cast)
[grm: Batman haelt die Welt in Atem]
*Batman Dracula (USA 1964, Andy Warhol; unauthorized art film, apparently lost)
*Batman Fights Dracula (Philippines 1967; unauthorized movie)
The Batman/Superman Hour (USA 1968-1969; animated tv series?)
The Adventures of Batman (USA 1969; animated tv series?)
The New Scooby Doo Movies (USA 1972; Batman & Robin guest-star in two episodes)
The New Adventures of Batman (USA 1977-1978; animated tv series)
continues as The Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour (USA 1977-78; animated tv series reruns of New Adventures)
continues as Tarzan & the Super 7 (USA 1978-80; animated tv series reruns of New Adventures)
continues as Batman and the Super 7 (USA 1980-81; animated tv series reruns of New Adventures)
Batman (USA 1989, Tim Burton)
Batmania From Comics To Screen (USA 1989; DTV documentary)
Batman Returns (USA 1992, Tim Burton)
The Bat, The Cat And The Penguin (USA 1992; tv documentary on Batman Returns)
Batman: The Animated Series (USA 1992, Paul Dini; animated tv series)
continues as Batman & Robin Adventures (1993), then concurrently as The New Batman / Superman Adventures (1997-; animated tv series) and as Batman: Gotham Knights (1997-) No new episodes were made after 1998.
The Batman/Superman Movie (USA 1998; compilation of episodes of tv series aired as "World's Finest")
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (USA 1993, Paul Dini; animated)
Batman Forever (USA 1995, Joel Schuhmacher)
Batman and Robin (USA 1997, Joel Schuhmacher)
Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero (USA 1998; direct to video animated movie)
Batman Beyond (USA 1998-, Paul Dini; animated tv series)
Batman Beyond: The Movie (USA 1999; compilation of tv episodes aired as "Rebirth")
Batman Beyond: Disappearing Inque (USA 1999; compilation of tv episodes)
Batman Beyond: School Dayz (USA 1999; compilation of tv episodes)
Batman Beyond: Tech Wars (USA 1999; compilation of tv episodes)
The Zeta Project, (USA 2001-; a spin-off series from Batman Beyond)
[Batman OnStar advertisements; USA 2000; 3 shorts "Batcave," "Minor Setbacks,"]
Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker (USA 2000; direct to video animated movie)
Gotham Girls (USA 2000-; animated internet short at Warner Bros. website,
The Vault (1st episode)
More Than One Way
Pave Paradise
Back to the Batcave (USA 2003; fictionalized documentary about the 1960s tv show)
A&E Biography: Batman (USA 2003; documentary about tv series)
*Batman: Dark Justice (USA 2003; amateur short)
Batman: Deadend (USA 2003; internet short at
Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (USA 2003, direct to video animated movie)
*Superman/Batman (USA 2004; internet short at
*Grayson (USA 2004; internet short at
*Batman: New Times (USA 2004; internet cgi-animated LEGO short at
*Batman Begins (USA 2005)
*The Batman (USA 2004-; animated tv series)
*The Batman Versus Dracula (USA 2005; dtv animated movie)

Battle Angel Alita SEE Gunnm

B.C. (Johnny Hart)
B.C.? (USA 196?/7?; 2 animated tv movies)

The Bear (Raymond Briggs)
The Bear (GB 1998; silent animated movie)

Bébé Cyanure [Baby Cyandie] (Jean-Claude Forest as "Jean Valherbe")
Bébé Cyanure (France 197?; tv show)

Bécassine (Maurice Languereau & Jean-Pierre Pinchon, 1905-?)
Bécassine? (France 1939, Pierre Caron)

Beetle Bailey (Mort Walker)
Home Sweet Swampy (USA: Famous Studios 1962; animated short)
Popeye Meets the Man Who Hated Laughter (USA 1972; animated tv movie. "Guest-stars" Bringing Up Father, The Katzenjammer Kids, Beetle Bailey, Blondie, The Little King, Steve Canyon, Flash Gordon, Tim Tyler)

Berserk (Kentaro Miura / HAKUSENSHA)
Berserk (Japan 1998; animated rv series)

Berusaiyo no Bara [The Rose of Versailles] (Riyoko Ikeda)
Berusaiyo no Bara (Japan 19??; animated)

Der bewegte Mann (Ralf Koenig)
Der bewegte Mann (GER 1994, Soenke Wortmann)
[USA: Maybe, Maybe Not]
[Most Desired Man]
[The Turbulent Man]

Bibi Fricotin (Forton) CHECK
Bibi Fricotin (France: Ocean Films, 1950)

Big Bang Comics
Knights of Justice (USA 1999; dtv)

Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (Frank Miller & Geoff Darrow / DARK HORSE)
Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (USA 1999- ; animated tv series)

Billy Bunter (Frank Richards) CHECK
Billie Turf: het dikste studentje ter wereld (Netherlands 1978)
Billie Turf kontra Kwel (Netherlands 1980)
Billie Turf: haantje de voorste (Netherlands 1982)

Billy Pack (Mitsuhiro Kawashima, 1954-1962)
? [Japan 19??; live action tv series?)

Billy the Fish (Viz Comics)
(UK; tv series)

Bio-Booster Armor Guyver SEE The Guyver

Birds of Prey (DC)
Birds of Prey (USA 2002-2003; live action tv show starring Batgirl/Oracle, Huntress and Black Canary)

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Naoko Takeuchi)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon [Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon] (Japan 1992-1993; animated 46 epsiode tv series)
[Sailor Moon (1995- USA tv showing of all four Japanese series)]
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R (Japan 1993-1994, epis. 47-89)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S (Japan 1994-1995, epis. 90-131)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SS (Japan 1995-)

Bitchy Bitch (Roberta Gregory)
Bitchy Bits (Canada 2000; 15 animated shorts in tv anthology series X-Chromosome)
becomes Bitchy Bitch (Canada 2001)

Black Jack SEE Burakku jakku

Black Magic M-66 (Masamune Shirow)
Black Magic M-66 (Japan 1987, Masamune Shirow; animated DTV)

Blackhawk (USA 1952; 15 episode film serial)

Blade, the Vampire Hunter (Marv Wolfman & Gene Colan / MARVEL)
Blade (USA 1998)
Blade 2 (USA 2002)
Blade: Trinity (USA 2004)
*Blade: The Series (USA 2006-

Blake & Mortimer (E.P. Jacobs / DARGAUD)
Blake & Mortimer (France?; animated tv show)

Bleach (Tito Kubo)
Bleach (Japan 2004-; anime tv series)

Blondie (Chic Young)
Blondie (USA 1938)
Blondie Meets the Boss (USA 1939)
Blondie Takes a Vacation (USA 1939)
Blondie Brings up Baby (USA 1939)
Blondie on a Budget (USA 1940)
Blondie has Servant Trouble (USA 1940)
Blondie Plays Cupid (USA 1940)
Blondie Goes Latin (USA 1941)
Blondie in Society (USA 1941)
Blondie Goes to College (USA 1942)
Blondie's Blessed Event (USA 1942)
Blondie for Victory (USA 1942)
It's a Great Life (USA 1943)
Footlight Glamour (USA 1943)
Leave it to Blondie (USA 1945)
Blondie Knows Best (USA 1946)
Life with Blondie (USA 1946)
Blondie's Lucky Day (USA 1946)
Blondie's Big Moment (USA 1947)
Blondie's Holiday (USA 1947)
Blondie in the Dough (USA 1947)
Blondie's Anniversary (USA 1947)
Blondie's Reward (USA 1948)
Blondie's Secret (USA 1949)
Blondie's Big Deal (USA 1949)
Blondie Hits the Jackpot (USA 1949)
Blondie's Hero (USA 1950)
Beware of Blondie (USA 1950)
Blondie (USA 1957; 26 episode tv series)
Blondie (USA 1968-69; 26 episode tv series)
Popeye Meets the Man Who Hated Laughter (USA 1972; animated tv movie. "Guest-stars" Bringing Up Father, The Katzenjammer Kids, Beetle Bailey, Blondie, The Little King, Steve Canyon, Flash Gordon, Tim Tyler)

The Bloody Olive (?) (Lewis Trondheim)
The Bloody Olive (BEL 1996, Vincent Bal; short movie)

Bloom County (Berkeley Breathed)
A Wish for Wings That Work (USA 1991; animated tv movie)

*Blueberry (Moebius)
Blueberry (France 2004, Jan Kounen)

Bob Morane (Dino Attanasio) [Like Buck Rogers, the original series of novels was eclipsed by the comic strip]
Bob Morane? (France 1970; tv series)

The Boob Weekly (Rube Goldberg) [based on comic?]
The Book Weekly (USA 1916; animated movie shorts)

Bogie Man (Wagner/Grant)
Bogie Man (UK 1994?; tv movie)

Bonaventura (Sergio "Sto" Tofano, 1917)
Cenerentola e il signor Bonaventura [Cinderella and Mr Goodluck] (Italy; Arno Film, 1942)

*Boondocks (Aaron McGruder)
The Boondocks (USA 2005; animated in Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block)

Brenda Starr (Dale Messick)
? (USA: Republic, 1945; serial)
Brenda Starr (USA 1976; tv pilot. Jill St. John as Brenda.)
Brenda Starr, Reporter (USA 1979; tv pilot)
Brenda Starr (USA 1986, Robert Ellis Miller. Brooke Shields as Brenda)

Brick Bradford (William Ritt & Clarence Gray / KING FEATURES SYNDICATE)
Brick Bradford (USA: Columbia, 1947 ; serial)

Bringing Up Father (George McManus)
Father Gets Into the Movies (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst 1916; animated short movie)
Just Like a Woman (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst 1916; animated short movie)
Hot Time In the Gym, A (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst 1917; animated short movie)
Great Hansom Cab Mystery, The (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst 1917; animated short)
Music Hath Charms (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst 1917; animated short movie)
He Tries His Hand at Hypnotism (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst 1917; animated short)
Second, the Stimulating Mrs. Barton (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst 1918; animated short)
Second, Father's Close Shave (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst 1918; animated short movie)
Third, Jiggs and the Social Lion (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst 1918; animated short)
Bringing Up Father (USA: John Colman Terry Studi, 1918-1920; animated shorts series?) vide Castelli.
Jiggs in Society (USA 1921?)
Bringing Up Father (USA: MGM 1928; silent movie)
Bringing Up Father (USA: Mongoram 1946)
Jiggs and Maggie in Society (USA: Mongoram 1947)
Jiggs and Maggie in Court (USA: Mongoram 1948)
Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters (USA: Mongoram 1949)
Jiggs and Maggie Out West (USA: Mongoram 1950)
Bringing Up Father (USA 1954; animated shorts) vide Castelli.
Popeye Meets the Man Who Hated Laughter (USA 1972; animated tv movie. "Guest-stars" Bringing Up Father, The Katzenjammer Kids, Beetle Bailey, Blondie, The Little King, Steve Canyon, Flash Gordon, Tim Tyler)

Broom Hilda vide Castelli.
Archie TV Funnies TV (USA 1971; animated tv series including Moon Mullins, Smokey Stover, Alley Oop, Broom Hilda, Emmy Lou, The Captain and the Kids, and Nancy)
rereleased as The Fabulous Funnies TV (USA 1978)

Buck Rogers [While based on a novel, the comic strip eclipsed the original story.]
Buck Rogers (USA 1939; 12 episode film serial)
Buck Rogers: Destination Saturn (1939) Ford Beebe, Saul Goodkind
(compilation of film serial? episode of serial?)
Buck Rogers (USA 1979-81) (tv series: 36 episodes)
Buck Rogers In The 25th Century (USA 1978, Daniel Haller)

Bucky O'Hare (Michael Golden & Larry Hama / CONTINUITY)
Bucky O'Hare (USA; animated tv series)

Burakku jakku [Black Jack] (Osamu Tezuka)
Burakku jakku (Japan 19??; animated tv series)
Black Jack (1993; DTV animated movie)
[USA: Black Jack: Clinical Chart 1-4 (Japan 19??; DTV animated movies)]
Burakku jakku (Japan 1996; animated DTV?)
Black Jack (Japan 200?; live action tv series)
Black Jack (Japan 2001?; animated internet series)
*Black Jack (Japan 2004-; animated tv series)
*Black Jack: Futari no Kuroi Isha (Japan 2005; animated movie)

Burglar Bill (Frink & Charlew William Kahles) vide Castelli.
Burglar Bill (USA: Vitagraph 1905; lost)

Buster Brown (Richard Felton Outcault) vide Castelli.
Buster Brown (USA: Edison 1902-1904; 7 movie shorts)
Buster Brown and Tige with Their Creator R. F. Outcault (USA 1913)
Buster Brown (USA: R. F. Outcault/Edison 1914; 8 movie shorts)
Buster Brown (USA: Century Comedies 1925-1929; 49 movies)
The Buster Brown TV Show, with Smilin’Ed McConnell and the Buster Brown Gang (USA: NBC 1950-1951; tv series)
continues as Smilin’Ed McConnell and the Buster Brown Gang (USA: CBS 1951-1955)
continues as Smilin’ Ed McConnell and his Gang

Candy Candy (1975-?)
Candy Candy (Japan 1975; animated tv series)

Captain America (Jack Kirby & Joe Simon / MARVEL)
Captain America (USA 1944, John English/Elmer Clifton) (film
serial: 15 episodes, re-released as The Return of Captain America)
Captain America (USA 1979, Rod Holcomb; tv movie)
Captain America 2: Death Too Soon (USA 1979, Ivan Nagy; tv movie)
Captain America (USA 1990, Albert Pyun; DTV)
Heroes (USA 2002; flash animation parody; online at

The Captain and the Kids (Rudolph Dirks / PULITZER) v ide Castelli. SEE ALSO The Katzenjammer Kids
Hans and Fritz (USA: Celebrated Film Corporation/Mutt and Jeff, Inc./Bud Fisher 1916; 1 animated short)
Captain and the Kids (USA: Metro Goldwin Mayer / Fred Quimby 1938-1939; 14 animated shorts)
rereleased as MGM Cartoons (1960; tv series))
Archie TV Funnies TV (USA 1971; animated tv series including Moon Mullins, Smokey Stover, Alley Oop, Broom Hilda, Emmy Lou, The Captain and the Kids, and Nancy)
rereleased as The Fabulous Funnies TV (USA 1978)

Captain Marvel (DC)
The Adventures Of Captain Marvel (USA 1944; 15 episode film serial, re-released as The Return of Captain Marvel)
Shazam! (USA 1974-75; tv series)
continues as The Shazam!/Isis Power Hour (USA 1975-77; tv series)
The Kid Super Power Hour With Shazam (USA: NBC 1981-82; animated tv series)

Captain Starr (Steven Appleby)
Captain Starr (UK 199?; animated tv series)

*Cardcaptor Sakura (CLAMP)
Cardcaptor Sakura (Japan 1998-2000; 70-episode animated tv series)
[Cardcaptors (USA / Canada 2000; animated tv series)]
Cardcaptor Sakura:The Sealed Card (Japan 2000; animated movie)

*Cardinal, The (Kurt J. Kolka / Sunday Comics Ministry)
The Cardinal - A Hero With A Heart (USA 2004; dtv movie; available at

Cathy (Cathy Guisewite)
Cathy's Valentine (USA 1989; 3rd animated tv special)

Clarence the Cop (C.W. Kahles)
Clarence the Cop (USA 1903)
Clarence the Cop, On the Feed Store Beat (USA 1904)
? (USA 1905; lost?)

Click (Milo Manara) SEE Gioco

Colonel Blimp (David Low)
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (UK 1943)

Colonel Heeza Liar (J.R. Bray) [based on his magazine cartoons character] vide Lenburg for title list
Colonel Heeza Liar (USA 1913-17, 1922-24; animated movie shorts)

Comandante Mark (Italy)
Capitan Swing (Turkey 197?, Tunc Basaran)

Combustion (Chris Lanier/FANTAGRAPHICS)
Combustion (USA 1998, Chris Lanier; short animated film. The comic book it is based on was postponed and is rescheduled for 1999)

Come On Steve (Roland Davies)
Come On Steve (UK 1936, Roland Davies; animated short film)

Committed (Michael Fry)
Committed (Canda: Nelvana, 2001-; animated tv series)

Congo Bill (DC)
Congo Bill (USA 1948; 15 episode film serial)

Corrector Yui (Keiko Okamoto and Kia Asamiya)
Corrector Yui (Japan: NHKEP, 1999-2001; 52-episode anime series)

Corto Maltese (Hugo Pratt)
*Corto Maltese, la cour secrète des arcanes (France 2001)

*Cromartie High School, SEE Sakigake, Kuromati Koko

The Crow (James O'Barr)
The Crow (USA 1994, Alex Proyas)
The Crow: City Of Angels (USA 1996, Tim Pope)
[grm: The Crow - Die Rache der Kraehe]
The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (USA 1998-; tv series)
The Crow: Salvation (USA 2000)
*The Crow: Wicked Prayer (USA 2005; DTV)

Crying Freeman (Kazuo Koike & Ryoichi Ikegami)
Crying furîman (Japan 1988; animated)
[USA: Crying Freeman vol 1-5 (; DTV)]
Crying Freeman (USA 1996, Christophe Gans)

Cubitus (Luc "Dupa" Dupanloup, 1968-?)
Cubitus? (France 19??; animated tv series or movie?)

Cutey Honey (Go Ngai)
Cutey Honey (Japan 1970s; animated tv show)
Cutey Honey (Japan 1994; DTV)
[Cutey Honey Vol 1-3 ( ; DTV from AD Vision. Adapted from ?)]
*Cutie Honey (Japan 2004)

Cybersix (Carlos Trillo/Carlos Meglia)
Cybersix (ARG 1996; tv series: 8 episodes)

Cyborg 009 (Shotarō Ishimori, 1964-1970)
Cyborg 009? (Japan 19??; animated tv series)
Cyborg 009? (Japan 19??; animated movie)

OT: Film & TV Adaptations of Comics - Intro-A

Along with my Comics Research Bibliography (link on the right side), I've joined a few other groups trying to codify the history of comics over the years; this one was done for the APA-I, a group devoted to indexing comics that's been largely superseded by the Grand Comics Database, but still exists and puts out a quarterly fanzine. There's a new book out - Film and Comic Books (edited by Ian Gordon, Mark Jancovich and Matthew P. McAllister) from the University Press of Mississippi, 2007 - and some discussion of comics adaptations to film that's prompted me to post this checklist. The last version floating around the web is seriously outdated. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with comments

Film & TV Adaptations of Comics
(Comics Stuff #9 DRAFT)
by Michael Rhode & Manfred Vogel

This list and its format originated with Manfred Vogel. After his August 1997 version, he turned it over to Rhode to continue. Shortly after that Manfred died. I would like this list to be a continuing memorial to him.

Manfred's list was live-action only and I decided to add animated versions of print originals. The list includes any type of comic strip, panel or book that originated on paper, but not original animation even if it later resulted in a printed series. The adaption of comics into the movies has been going on since the creation of motion pictures. British comics historian Paul Gravett told me, "The Lumieres' "Watering the Gardener" from 1895 was based on a comic strip. According to Yves Fremion in 'CinemAction Summer 1990 there were so many versions of this slapstick gag strip that it is difficult to confirm the true inventor but the most famous one is by Christophe alias Marie-Louis-Georges Colomb (as in 'Christopher Columbus'), 1856-1945 - they show the last three panels." On the Grand Comics Database internet mailing list (June 11, 1998), Steve Rowe noted that the Happy Hooligan series of 1900 is generally accepted as the first US comic strip adaptation (or at least legally so). In 1946, Paul S. Nathan observed, "[A]t least fourteen movies last year were based on characters out of the "funnies," and it looks as though there are going to be even more in 1947." Some Japanese animation (anime) is listed but the creation process may be confused; still as Ledoux & Ranney note, "In Japan, most anime videos are based on manga..." Information on Filippino films is also needed; John Lent in his 1997 International Comics and Animation Festival (ICAF) presentation said that 50% of the Filipino movies made are based on comics. When possible, titles are under their original language with cross-references added as necessary.

A second section has been started to list movies with comics creators associated with them, but I would recommend also using Jerry Bails' Who's Who of American Comic Books, 1928-1999 as it is more complete for many creators. The third section lists documentaries and promotional pieces and the fourth is a bibliography. Several books on comics and their live-action adaptations to film and television exist and are cited in the bibliography. Wizard magazine also has a regular column on the topic. Large movie series, such as Mutt and Jeff's over 300 animated films, are listed in alphabetical order while less frequent movies or television shows are listed in date order. DTV stands for direct-to-video, a movie without a theatrical or television release; this is the equivalent to anime's original animation video (OAV) and is used instead. I am deeply indebted to Alfredo Castelli for sharing his knowledge of early-twentieth century adaptations. Entries marked vide Castelli are from his book Here we are again, the first 25 years of American Comics. For current information and rumors about movies in production, I recommend Rob Worley's Comics 2 Film webpage. Additions and corrections are very welcome. Comics Stuff is an occasional publication showcasing aspects of comics collecting and indexing beyond the comic book and toy price guides. * marks new additions since the last version was released.

(Some documentaries have been cited in this section for ease of use)

Comic book/strip [English title] (Creator/PUBLISHER)
Title/series (Country: studio, date, director; notes)
rereleases under different titles/individual titles in series
[Other translated titles]

2000AD Annual/Future Shock episode "Mark 13" ca. 1981 (Steve MacManus & Kevin O'Neill)
Hardware (UK 1990, R. Stanley)
[grm: M.A.R.K. 13]

3x3 Eyes (Yuzo Takada)
[USA: 3x3 Eyes: Altered State (Japan 1991; animated DTV)]
[USA: 3x3 Eyes: Who Needs Enemies (Japan 1991; animated DTV)]
[USA: 3x3 Eyes: Life and Death (Japan 1992; animated DTV)]
[USA: 3x3 Eyes: Blind Flight (Japan 1992; animated DTV)]
[USA: 3x3 Eyes: Perfect Collection: Special Collector's Edition (video collects all four DTVS)]

*300 (Frank Miller)
300 (USA 2007; Zach Snyder)

8-Man [8th Man] (Kazumasa Hirai & Jiro Kuwata, 1963-1968)
8-Man (Japan 1965-1966; 56 episode animated tv series)
[USA: 8th Man 1965-1966; 52 episodes]
[USA: Greatest Adventures of 8th Man Vol 1-4 (videos with 5 tv episodes on each)]
[8-Man After (Japan 199?; animated tv series)]
[USA: 8-Man After: City in Fear (1993; DTV?)]
[USA: 8-Man After: End Run (1993?; DTV?)]
[USA: 8-Man After: Mr. Hallowe'en (1993?; DTV?)]
[USA: 8-Man After: Sachiko's Decision (1993?; DTV?)]
[USA: 8-Man After Perfect Collection (1993?; collects all 4 DTVs)]

Aa! Megamisama! [Oh My Goddess!] (Kosuke Fujishima)
Aa! Megamisama! (Japan 199?; animated tv series?)
Oh My Goddess: Moonlight and Cherry Blossoms (Japan 1993; animated DTV)
Oh My Goddess: Midsummer's Night Dream (Japan 199?; animated DTV)
Oh My Goddess: Burning Hearts on the Road (Japan 199?; animated DTV)
Oh My Goddess: Evergreen Holy Night (Japan 199?; animated DTV)
Oh My Goddess: For the Love of Goddess (Japan 199?; animated DTV)

Abie the Agent (Harry Hershfield) vide Castelli.
Abie the Agent (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst, 1917; 2 animated shorts)
Iska Worreh
Abie Kabibble Outwitting His Rival

Ace Drummond
Ace Drummond (USA 1936; 13 episode serial; edited into Squadron of Doom for television?)

Action Comics/characters in various episodes (DC)
Congo Bill (USA 1948; 15 episode film serial)
The Human Target (USA 1992; 7 episode tv series)
The Vigilante (USA 1945; film serial)

A.D. Police (Tony Takezaki) (This is a comic book spinoff series from Bubblegum Crisis DTVs. It began as manga and then was adapted into anime.)
The Phantom Woman (Japan 1990; animated DTV)
The Ripper (Japan 199?; animated DTV)
The Man Who Bites His Tongue (Japan 199?; animated DTV)

Ada Dans La Jungle (France 1988, Gerard Zingg.)

Addams Family (Charles Addams)
The Addams Family (USA 1964-1966; tv series)
The Addams Family (USA 1973-1975; animated tv series)
The Addams Family (USA 1991)
The Addams Family Values (USA 1993)
The New Addams Family (USA/CANADA? 1998- ; tv series)
The Addams Family Reunion (USA 1998; DTVmovie)

Adventure Kid (Toshio Maeda)
[2 animated DTVs; Japan 1993]

Akira (Katsuhiro Otomo)
Akira (Japan 1988; animated movie. Released in USA in 1989.)
Akira Production Report (Japan 1988; DTV documentary)

Ako Si Abraham [I Am Abraham] (Carlo J. Caparas & Danny Bulanadi)
Ako Si Abraham? (Philippines 197?)

Alan Ford (Max Bunker and Magnus)
Alan Ford E Il Gruppo T.n.t. Contro Superciuk (Italy 1988, Max Bunker. Animated movie)

*Alien vs. Predator (USA 2004; concept based on Dark Horse Comics series)

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku - SEE Nuku Nuku

Alley Oop (V.T. Hamlin) CHECK vide Castelli.
Archie TV Funnies TV (USA 1971; animated tv series including Moon Mullins, Smokey Stover, Alley Oop, Broom Hilda, Emmy Lou, The Captain and the Kids, and Nancy)
rereleased as The Fabulous Funnies TV (USA 1978)

Ally Sloper
Ally Sloper (UK 1900)

Alma Grande (Petro Zapiain Jose and Jose Suarez Lozano)
Alma Grande El Yaqui Justiciero (Mexico 1965, Chano Urueta)
Alma Grande En El Desierto (Mexico 1966, A. Gonzales)

Alphonse and Gaston (Federick Burr Opper) vide Castelli.
Alphonse and Gaston (USA: American Mutoscope & Biograph Co., 1902/3)
Helping an Irishman (USA: American Mutoscope & Biograph Co., 1902/3)
Alphonse and Gaston No. 3 (USA: American Mutoscope & Biograph Co., 1902/3)
Alphonse and Gaston: Next (USA: American Mutoscope & Biograph Co., 1902/3)

*Amazing Screw-On Head (Mike Mignola)

The Amazing Screw-On Head (USA: Sci Fi Channel, 2006; animated tv series)

American Splendor (Harvey Pekar)
American Splendor (USA 2003; winner of Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize)

Ami-chan no hatsukoi (Japan 1995; animated movie)
[Ami-chan's First Love (1995)]

And Her Name Was Maud (Federick Burr Opper) vide Castelli.
Maud the Mule (USA: International Film Service / W. R. Hearst, 1916; 4 animated shorts)

Andy Capp
Andy Capp (UK 1988; tv series)

Animal Crackers (Roger Bollen)
Animal Crackers (USA 1998; animated tv series)

Anita Bomba (Cromwell and Eric Gratien)
(USA/France 2000; animated internet series at

L'annee 01 (?)
L'annee 01 (France 1972, Jacques Doillon)

Aoi haru (Taiyo Matsumoto)
Aoi haru (Japan 2001; live action)
[USA: Blue Spring (2001)]

Appleseed (Masumune Shirow)
Appleseed (Japan 1988; animated DTV. Released in USA in 1988)
*Appleseed (Japan 2004)

Aquaman (DC)
The Superman-Aquaman Hour of Adventure (CBS, 1967-68; animated tv series)

Archie (USA 1964, Harry Ackerman; un-aired tv series pilot. Available on Video Comics Present: Lost TV Pilots)
The Archie Show (USA 1968; animated tv show; included Sabrina, the teenage witch)
becomes The Archie Comedy Hour (USA 1969; animated tv show)
becomes Archie's Fun House (1970; animated tv show)
becomes Archie's TV Funnies (1971; animated tv show)
The New Archie/Sabrina Hour, (USA 1977; animated tv series)
Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again (USA 1990 tv movie)
Return to Riverdale (1995 video title)
Archie's Weird Mysteries (USA1999-; animated tv series)

Arimpara (O V Vijayan)
Arimpara (India 2003, Murali Nair; animated movie)

Asterix (René Goscinny & Uderzo / DARGAUD)
Astérix chez les Brétons (France 1986; animated)
[Asterix in Britain (1986)]
Asterix erobert Amerika (Germany 1994; animated)
[Asterix Conquers America (1994)]
Astérix et Cléopâtre (Belgium/France 1968)
Astérix et la surprise de César (France 1985)
[Asterix Versus Caesar (1985)]
Astérix et le coup du menhir (West Germany/ France 1989)
[Asterix and the Big Fight (1989)]
Astérix et Obélix (West Germany/ France 1998; live action)
[Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar (1998)]
[Astérix et Obélix versus César (1998)]
Astérix le Gaulois (Belgium/France 1967)
Douze travaux d'Astérix, Les (France 1975)
[Twelve Tasks of Asterix, The (1975)]
Asterix & Obelix VS Caesar (France 1999; live action)
Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (France 2002, Alain Chabat.; live action)
*Asterix and the Vikings (France 2005; animated movie)

Astro Boy - SEE Tetsuwan Atom

Avengers (Stan Lee & Jack Kirby / MARVEL)
Avengers (USA 1999-; 13 episode animated tv series)
*Ultimate Avengers:The Movie (USA 2006; animated DTV)
*Ultimate Avengers 2 (USA 2006; DTV animation)

*Azumi (Yu Koyama)
Azumi (Japan 2003)
Azumi 2: Death or Love (Japan 2005)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SPX announces great guests

Even though I know the publicity guy,* and the organizing gal,** and I blog about comics in DC,*** I still have to get my SPX news from Comic Book Resources. Since this is a press release, I'm going to repeat it in full. I'd also like to note that Jim Ottiviani, who just did me a big favor, will be there selling his two new books. I've bought all of the science-related comics he's put out, and recommend them to you all.

Posted: August 14, 2007 —

Official Press Release

Bethesda, Maryland - Small Press Expo (SPX), the preeminent showcase for the exhibition of independent comic books, graphic novels and alternative political cartoons, is proud to announce Bill Griffith, Gilbert Hernandez and Rutu Modan as the first slate of guests for SPX 2007. This years SPX will be held October 12 and October 13 at The North Bethesda**** Marriott Convention Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Bill Griffith is known world wide for his syndicated strip, Zippy The Pinhead, which runs daily in The Washington Post. He has a new Zippy collection out from Fantagraphics entitled "Zippy: Walk A Mile In MY Muu-Muu". SPX is proud to have him make one of his rare convention appearances at this years show.

Gilbert Hernandez, whose Love and Rockets is considered one of the groundbreaking works in the history of comics, will be at SPX to promote his first graphic novel in four years, "Chance in Hell" from Fantagraphics.

Rutu Modan, one of the founders of the Actus Tragicus comics collective, will be at SPX with her first full length graphic novel, the critically acclaimed "Exit Wounds", from Drawn & Quarterly.

Additional guests will be added over the next few weeks, please stay tuned for those announcements.

SPX, a non-profit organization, brings together more than 300 artists and publishers to meet their readers, booksellers and distributors each year. Graphic novels, political cartoon books and alternative comics will all be on display and for sale by their authors and illustrators. A series of panel discussions will also be held of interest to readers, academicians and creators of graphic novels and political cartoons.

SPX will be open to the public from 2 pm - 8 pm, Friday, October 12 and 10am - 7 pm Saturday, October 13. Admission is $8 for a single day and $15 for both days.

SPX culminates with the presentation of the 11th Annual Ignatz Awards for outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning. The Ignatz is the first Festival Prize in the US comic book industry, with winners chosen by balloting during the SPX.

*yes, you, Warren;
**and you Karon;
***that's here. You can page back up
****this is really Rockville, no matter what they claim

Toles wields grave new powers

"Cartoonist Toles Makes List of 'Most Powerful People in D.C.'" sayeth Dave Astor, at E&P Online (August 14). He's quoting from GQ, that bible of politics.

Book on superhero films from area author

See "Tracking Heroes: John Flynn Offers An Up To The Second Compendium Of Comic Book Superheroes Moving From Page To Screen" by Daniel Krall, Baltimore City Paper (August 15, 2007)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Toles' 9-11-quoting cartoon draws criticism UPDATED

Two local residents wrote into the Post to complain about Toles' August 8th cartoon, in which he satirized airline's abysmal performances with lines from 9-11. See A Callous Cartoon, Washington Post Saturday, August 11, 2007; A15

Demonstrating that Alan Gardner's Daily Cartoonist blog has far more readers than this one ;^), cartoonist Mike Lester and a few others go at it in the comments section. This is what Richard mentioned in the comments, but I thought I'd put it up here so someone might see it. Thanks for the tip, Richard! And thanks for the initial link, Alan. For myself, I'd guess that the Toles cartoon generated a lot more mail, but that the Post only printed a couple of the letters.

Friday, August 10, 2007

OT: The 2007 Festival of Cartoon Art: GRAPHIC STORYTELLING

Off-topic, but otoh, I will be driving from DC after this year's ICAF.

The 2007 Festival of Cartoon Art: GRAPHIC STORYTELLING October 25-27, 2007 at the Columbus Renaissance Hotel

Registrations are now being accepted for the ninth triennial Festival of Cartoon Art organized by the Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library. Attendees will enjoy presentations by top cartoonists from around the country and the world focusing on the art of graphic storytelling. Registration is $150 (only $25 for students and seniors 65 and over!) and includes admission to all Festival of Cartoon Art Forum presentations, the exhibit catalogue for Milton Caniff: American Master and School of Caniff, morning refreshments and lunch at the Renaissance Hotel on both Forum days, a special exhibit reception at The Ohio State University, and a souvenir tote bag. Registration is limited to 275 participants and will be accepted in the order received.

A downloadable registration form is available at the 2007 Festival of Cartoon Art Web site: The site also features additional information about related events taking place in conjunction with the Festival including an academic pre-conference at the Blackwell Hotel and a special cartoon exhibition and reception at the Thurber House on Thursday, October 25 and a banquet on Saturday evening, October 27.

The year 2007 marks the centennial of the birth of master storyteller Milton Caniff, whose papers and art formed the founding collection of the Cartoon Research Library. The conference will begin with a celebration of Caniff's life and legacy. Leading contemporary cartoonists will then explore the craft of storytelling in newspapers, comic books, and graphic novels throughout the two-day festival. Speakers include:

* Jessica Abel, creator of Artbabe and La Perdida
* Nick Anderson, Pulitzer-Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Houston Chronicle
* Alison Bechdel, creator of Fun Home, Time Magazine’s best book of the year in 2006
* Ray Billingsley, creator of Curtis, which appears in more than 250 newspapers
* Guy Delisle, creator of Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea
* Jules Feiffer, Pulitzer-Prize winning cartoonist, playwright, author and illustrator
* Gary Groth, co-founder of Fantagraphics Books
* R. C. Harvey, cartoonist, historian and author of Meanwhile: A Biography of Milton Caniff
* Mike Peters, creator of Mother Goose and Grimm and Pulitzer-Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Dayton Daily News
* Peter Poplaski, author of The Sketchbook Adventures of Peter Poplaski and co-author of the R. Crumb Handbook
* Ted Rall, alternative weekly editorial cartoonist and author of Silk Road to Ruin
* P. Craig Russell, comic book creator of over 80 titles including the Ring of Nibelung and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: Ramadan and Murder Mysteries
* Diana Schutz, Senior Editor at Dark Horse Comics
* Mark Siegel, Editorial Director of First Second Books
* Frank Stack, underground cartoonist and illustrator of Our Cancer Year by Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner
* Brian Walker, comics historian and curator, and writer of Hi and Lois.
* Mort Walker, creator of Beetle Bailey, Hi and Lois, and six other comic strips

The academic pre-conference on October 25, co-sponsored by OSU's Project Narrative and Department of English, includes:
Contemporary Graphic Storytelling

* Theresa Tensuan (Haverford College), “Breaking the Frame: Reviewing Disabilities in Epileptic, Cuckoo, and The Spiral Cage”
* Rebecca Wanzo (Ohio State University), "It’s a Hero?: Black Comics and Satirizing Subjection"
* Julia Watson (Ohio State University), “Reading Pleasures in Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: Translating Literature into “Life”
* Nicole McDaniel (Texas A&M), “Seriality and Collections of ‘Old Comic Strips’ in Art Spiegelman’s In the Shadow of No Towers”
* Chair: Jared Gardner (Ohio State University)

History & Time: Graphic Storytelling

* Sean Connors (Ohio State University), “Portrait of the Cartoonist: An Examinaton of Milton Caniff's Growth Between 1933 and 1935.”
* Daniel Yezbick (Peninsula College), “Pie-faced Panels and Arthrological Antics: Semiotic Reversals and Jingle-Jandled Narrative in George Carlson’s ‘Pie-faced Prince of Pretzelberg”
* David Olsen (St. Louis University), "Who Watches the Watch?: Keeping Time in Graphic Narratives,"
* John Jennings & Damian Duffy (University of Illinois, Chicago), “Virtual Unreality and the Shape of Time: Virtual Comics, Postmodern Self-referentiality, and the Fourth Dimension”
* Chair: Jared Gardner (Ohio State University)

Graphic Storytelling and Narrative Theory

* Kai Mikkonen (University of Tampere), “The Narrative Agent in Graphic Storytelling”
* David Herman (Ohio State University), "Multimodal Storytelling and Identity Construction in Graphic Narratives"
* Frederick Aldama (Ohio State University) “Your Brain on Latino Comics”
* David FitzSimmons (Ashland University), “Picture Books and Graphic Novels: An Undergraduate Introduction to Narrative Theory”
* Chair: James Phelan (Ohio State University)

The full schedule and additional information about the Festival is posted at

For further information, contact or telephone 614-292-0538.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

USA Today blurbs Postcards

I finally bought my copy at Big Planet this week, although I haven't even opened my (very large after 2 weeks off) bag of comics yet. In the meantime, USA Today gave Jason's book a few lines:

New graphic novels straight from the drawing board.
By Whitney Matheson and David Colton, USA TODAY (August 8, 2007)

Nate Beeler's Golden Spike

Washington Examiner political cartoonist Nate Beeler won this year's AAEC Golden Spike award for a cartoon that didn't run. Daryl Cagle just posted the cartoon with Nate's comment on his blog - it's the August 9th entry. Nate's published cartoons can be seen here on his blog as well.

Interview with Paul Karasik

DC native and comics blogger John Daniels conducted this email interview with Paul Karasik and has made it available to ComicsDC. Thanks, John!

Interview with Paul Karasik:

How did it feel to give a book signing and talk in your hometown of Washington D.C. at Politics and Prose?
I received a terrific reception at Politics and Prose. It is a wonderful bookstore and Thad, the guy who runs the graphic novel department, really knows his stuff. In other words, he likes the same things I like!

What caught your interest in writing this book about Fletcher Hanks?
I first heard of Hanks over 20 years ago when I was the Associate Editor of Art’s Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly’s RAW magazine. We reprinted a Stardust story and I never forgot it.

Four years ago a friend sent me a link to a Hanks tale on-line. I began to dig around, found some more of ‘em, and eventually came upon the answer to the true life mystery, “Whatever Happened to Fletcher Hanks?”

Where you amazed, as I was, that little was known about this ingenious artisan?
I have been amazed by several aspects of Hanks’ work. Although formulaic to a degree, each story is startlingly inventive in design and feel. Readers will not be bored by the 15 stories. In fact many people are asking for Volume 2!

Another amazing fact is that nobody has “discovered” his work until now. Many fans and collectors have asked, “How is it possible that I never heard of this guy before?!”

How would you compare his drawing style too artisans of the golden age?
Hanks is unique in that he is the first auteur in the fledgling field of the comic book. Most comic book stories at the time, and up to the present, were created by a team: individual writer, penciller, inker, and colorist. Hanks was a one-man-band, an auteur with a distinct personal vision that he burned into the pages of his work.

How much did you enjoy the meeting with his son Fletcher Hanks Jr.?
It was a life-changing experience as I describe in my comics Afterword.

In the Afterword, it seems you almost had a question as to whether his son was Fletcher Hanks himself?
At first, I thought that Hanks Jr. was Hanks Sr. It soon became apparent that I was speaking with the son who had his own story to tell. A grim story.

Do you yourself collect any comic periodicals? In addition, if so what is your most memorable character or comic that you would define as piquing your interest in the medium?
My first comic book was an issue of Adventure Comics from 1966. I was seduced by the crisp four-color pantheon of the Legion of Superheroes. You got a lot for 12 cents. It took one comic book and I was hooked. I still have all those old D.C. and Marvel comics in plastic bags in my basement, but it is nothing compared to some of the collections made available to me by a few serious collectors who contributed stories for the Hanks book from the hermetically sealed comics vaults.

You are an author of other books; could you tell the readers about some of your other works?
My most famous work was a collaboration with artist, David Mazzucchelli (Batman: Year One). Together we adapted Paul Auster’s novel, City of Glass. It was listed as one of the 100 Most Important Comics of the 20th Century by the Comics Jouranl.

I collaborated with my sister, Judy, on a family memoir, The Ride Together. The ground-breaking comics/prose format tells the story of growing up with our oldest brother who is autistic.

My gag cartoons have appeared in The New Yorker and Nickelodeon magazines.

How did you feel with the response of the sales of this remarkable book?
I am floored by the reception of this book. It completely sold out within a month and we are now awaiting the second edition to arrive from Malaysia. It is a good thing that Fantagraphics put a few cartons away for my book tour. Even then, at San Diego Comic Con, we sold out by the morning of the second day. I have nine reviews at Amazon, all five star raves. After years of toiling away at this project in the studio it is really gratifying to have such a positive response.

What is your favorite story from the book?
My sentimental favorite is also really one of the strongest: the Stardust story from Fantastic #7 that we reprinted in RAW. It is a plot by Gyp Clip to remove all the gravity from Earth, thus sending all the humans spaceward and leaving the planet free for plunder. Gyp and his thugs chain themselves with huge iron chains to prevent themselves from floating away.

What is it that you would like readers too walk away with your writing and presentation of this remarkable book about Fletcher Hanks?
Things are not always as they seem. Our heroes can become villains, and regular everyday Joes can become heroes.

Are you currently working on other works that readers and fans would like to know about?
My next project is to set out to educate the world that everything that you need to know about making comics can be learned from three panels of a certain Nancy comic strip by the great Ernie Buchmiller.

I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer questions at ComicsDC.

I also would like to thank the staff at Politics and Prose for reserving me a signed copy of the book.

Comic books, caricature, anime, adaptions in today's freeby papers

Check out the Onion online - they've been posting expanded versions of last week's comics issue.

In today's free papers, in addition to the Tek Jansen story -

Rosenberg, Scott. 2007.
Based on a fake story: Out of a nonexistent novel comes a comic riddled with humor.
[Washington Post] Express (August 9): 19

There's a Stardust story -

Dawson, Angela / Entertainment News Wire. 2007.
She's got star power: Claire Danes has a heaven-sent role in the fantasy 'Stardust'.
[Washington Post] Express (August 9): E11

An anime singer appearance - Yoko Ishida, 'Sailor Moon' singer, singing at Jaxx on Saturday.

And in the Examiner, a rare caricature article -
Jeff Dufour and Patrick Gavin.
Yeas and Nays: Permanent Presence at The Palm - Mark Foley’s here to stay.
Washington Examiner (August 9): 6

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Insight Studio Group on Fanboy Radio

Suburban Maryland's Insight Studio Group, which is centered around Mark Wheatley and has seen Marc Hempel, Frank Cho and the late Gray Morrow as members, was interviewed today on Fanboy Radio. I haven't listened to the show yet, but I ran into Mark a few weeks ago and think that he's going to bring Frankenstein Mobster back soon. Yeah!

Jeffery Thompson, children's book illustrator and Big Planet employee

Jeff Thompson's worked in the Bethesda store for years, and has been doing art for childen's books too. He mentioned to me that he had a new book out today. I just ordered all the ones I was missing, as he didn't mention some of the recent ones to me until I started quizzing him today. Book signing next Wednesday - at least for me!

Jeff's books with ordering info from Amazon -

The new one:

Cesar Chavez: Champion and Voice of Farmworkers (Biographies) by Suzanne Slade and Jeffrey Thompson

Two favorites of his (and mine). He did all the work on these except the original poem:

The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere (Hardcover) by Henry W. Longfellow - note on the paperback version of this, Amazon has conflated Jeff and Christopher Bing's two different books. Bing's an excellent artist too, who used to do regular editorial illustrations for the Washington Post. I really like his work as well. Buy both books.

Hiawatha And Megissogwon (Hardcover) by Henry W. Longfellow (Author

Thomas Edison: Inventor, Scientist, and Genius by Lori Mortensen and Jeffrey Thompson

The Camping Scare (Read-It! Readers) by Terri Dougherty (Author), Jeffrey Thompson (Illustrator)

Brazil Abcs: A Book About the People and Places of Brazil (Country Abcs) (Hardcover) by David Seidman (Author), Jeffrey Thompson (Author)

Cul de Sac in Hogan's Alley

Tom Heintjes reported in a recent Hogan's Alley newletter:

COMING SOON: One strip we're excited about is Richard Thompson's "Cul de Sac," which debuts from Universal Press Syndicate on September 10. The strip is a daily version of the comics work he's done at the Washington Post for the past few years. We asked Thompson to share some behind-the-scenes goodies from the strip, and you can see them at
We'll also have an interview with Thompson in Hogan's Alley #16.

This isn't an obligatory mention, btw. I like Cul de Sac a lot - there's a lot of museum jokes in there.

Thursday - Tom Peyer interview on Steve Colbert comic

Scott Rosenberg will have an interview in Thursday's Express with Tom Peyer on Stephen Colbert comic book, "Tek Jansen."

Big Planet expands in College Park

Big Planet Comics has bought the former Liberty Books and Comics at 7315 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD, 20740. 301-699-0498. There's a blurb in their August newsletter which is available in their stores now, along with a plethora of Stardust giveaways. If you haven't gotten it yet, the Gaiman / Vess story is well worth reading, but definitely get the edition with the Vess illustrations.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ullman's triumphant return

Rob Ullman's bounced back from fatherhood to do the cover and illustrations for this passing week's City Paper. You've got another 2 days to get your copy.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Library of Congress to digitally preserve Trudeau's Doonesbury and Oliphant

101 Independence Avenue SE
Washington DC 20540
Phone: (202) 707-2905
Fax: (202) 707-9199

Date: August 3, 2007

Contact: Guy Lamolinara (202) 707-9217,


Preserving Creative America Initiative to Engage Private Sector Creators of
Films, Sound Recordings, Photographs, Cartoons and Video Games in Digital Formats

The Library of Congress, through its National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP), today announced eight partnerships as part of its new Preserving Creative America initiative to address the long-term preservation of creative content in digital form. These partners will target preservation issues across a broad range of creative works, including digital photographs, cartoons, motion pictures, sound recordings and even video games. The work will be conducted by a combination of industry trade associations, private sector companies and nonprofits, as well as cultural heritage institutions.

Several of the projects will involve developing standardized approaches to content formats and metadata (the information that makes electronic content discoverable by search engines), which are expected to increase greatly the chances that the digital content of today will survive to become America’s cultural patrimony tomorrow. Although many of the creative content industries have begun to look seriously at what will be needed to sustain digital content over time, the $2.15 million being awarded to the Preserving Creative America projects will provide added impetus for collaborations within and across industries, as well as with libraries and archives.

“America’s creativity is unrivaled in the world, and it is among our most important exports,” said Librarian of Congress James H. Billington. “The Library is pleased to be able to bring together creators of such diverse content for the sake of saving our nation’s heritage, which is increasingly being created only in digital formats.”

Preserving Creative America is the most recent initiative of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (, authorized by Congress in December 2000. The authorizing legislation specifies that the Library should enlist the private sector to help address the long-term preservation of digital content. A cornerstone of NDIIPP has been the establishment of a broad network of partners committed to the continuing stewardship of digital content of value to Congress and the nation. With the new awards, the NDIIPP network grows to more than 90 partners, including other government agencies, educational institutions, research laboratories and organizations, both in the United States and abroad. Previous NDIIPP projects have involved primarily educational and cultural heritage institutions.

“The Library of Congress is delighted to welcome private sector participants to our growing network of NDIIPP partners,” said Associate Librarian for Strategic Initiatives Laura E. Campbell, who is leading NDIIPP for the Library of Congress. “We were very encouraged by the willingness of the content industries to work with us. Collaborations such as these are essential if we are collectively going to be able to ensure that valuable cultural content survives for the benefit of future generations.”

Following are the lead entities, their project partners and the focus areas of the projects:

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS): Today’s digitally created motion pictures are at risk unless suitable technologies, practices and standards are developed and adopted. AMPAS, best known for its annual Academy Awards, devotes considerable resources to a host of motion picture-related educational, scientific and cultural endeavors, including the technical aspects of filmmaking and the preservation of motion pictures. The Digital Motion Picture Archive Framework Project will build upon AMPAS’ current research on digital preservation issues from the perspective of the major motion picture studios, extending the effort to include independent filmmakers and smaller film archives. Additional key components of the project will involve developing a case study system for investigating archival strategies for digital motion pictures and recommending specifications for image data formats across the production chain.

American Society of Media Photographers: Digital photography has no accepted standard set of rules for handling digital image files and maintaining information about them. This project has two major objectives: (1) to expand an existing set of guidelines, the Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines, with recommendations for refined production workflows, archiving methods and best practices based on image use and capture methods and (2) to promote the use of the guidelines through a Web site and awareness campaigns within the professional photographer community. Partners: PhotoDistrict News, ASMP Foundation.

ARTstor: Small organizations and individuals in particular are often not equipped to create “archive-ready” images. This project aims, through training and tools, to enable photographers to submit archive-ready images to repositories such as ARTstor. Development of a tool will allow photographers to capture technical and preservation metadata early in the creation workflow and embed the metadata in their digital images, while outreach efforts at art schools and professional conferences will both generate requirements and raise awareness of the importance of metadata to the long-term usability and preservation of digital photographs. Partners: Art on File, Artesia, Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Northwestern University.

BMS/Chace: The adoption of digital recording has virtually eliminated the vital documentation once created on paper during the recording process. At the same time it has created tremendous unrealized potential to create and maintain all key information about a recording throughout its life cycle. The project focuses on creating a standardized approach for gathering and managing metadata for recorded music and developing software models to assist creators and owners in collecting the data. A standardized metadata environment will allow content creators, record labels, individuals and cultural heritage institutions to document, archive and manage “born digital” recordings effectively. Partners: Sony BMG Music, Universal Music Group, EMI Group, Buena Vista Music Group and the Producers and Engineers Wing of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Stock Artists Alliance (SAA): Essential information about stock images is frequently lost as images are disseminated across multiple distributors, licensees and end users, making the archiving and repurposing of these images difficult. SAA, through online resources and educational seminars at professional trade shows and in key cities, will promote the importance of metadata for long-term usability of digital photographs.

Universal Press Syndicate: Universal Press Syndicate, a newspaper syndication company, will use a collection of Garry Trudeau’s “Doonesbury” comic strips and Pat Oliphant’s editorial cartoons to model and test the transfer of digital content to the Library of Congress. The project will constitute a case study for public-private partnerships for archiving digital content and will focus on aligning metadata practices, transfer procedures and continuing collection management in a manner consistent with the goals of digital preservation.

UCLA Film & Television Archive: The long-term sustainability of digital works has received little attention within the independent film community. This project award supports awareness and education within the independent film community through symposia and workshops at major film conferences. Partner: Sundance Institute.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Interactive media are highly complex and at high risk for loss as technologies rapidly become obsolete. The Preserving Virtual Worlds project will explore methods for preserving digital games and interactive fiction. Major activities will include developing basic standards for metadata and content representation and conducting a series of archiving case studies for early video games, electronic literature and Second Life, an interactive multiplayer game. Second Life content participants include Life to the Second Power, Democracy Island and the International Spaceflight Museum. Partners: University of Maryland, Stanford University, Rochester Institute of Technology and Linden Lab.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

KAL's new animation

Ace political cartoonist Kevin 'KAL' Kallaugher wants us to know, "I wanted to share with you my recent venture into 3D political animation. You can find a link here:

KAL showed this at the AAEC con and it's quite funny.

This tip from Richard "Obligatory Mention" Thompson.

Trudeau, Truman and Helen Thomas

Bit of gossip in The about a recent Doonesbury strip - "Helen Thomas: If only you got to pick the rumors about you"

Speaking of the Macaulay exhibit at the Building Museum...

...the Post reviewed it last Friday in the weekend section. As this review notes, Macaulay has a sense of humor and this is an excellent show that's well worth seeing.

Politico's Matt Wuerker video on Al-Jazeera

Mike Lynch has linked to Matt's appearance on Al-Jazeera, the Arabic tv station - the creation of which I think is a great step for the region. Hopefully this will lead to bigger and better tv appearances for Matt too. Matt appears regularly, in color, in the Politico.

Thanks to Richard (obligatory mention) Thompson for the tip.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Karasik interview in Express, on Weds

Late notice, I'm afraid, but Scott Rosenberg had an interview with Paul Karasik on Fletcher Hanks in the 8/1/07 Express. Did anyone go to the talk? I'll probably buy the cd of the audio from Politics and Prose.

9/15/07: Late update, but the talk wasn't recorded so I couldn't buy a copy.